Turkey Achieves EU Average with Unemployment Dropping to 9.1%

Economic recovery in Turkey has finally started to reflect on unemployment figures. According to Turkish State Institute of Statistics (DIE) figures, unemployment has dropped to 9.1 percent and the country has caught up to the European Union (EU) average.

The unemployment rate was 11.5 percent in Turkey at the beginning of 2005. Formerly announcing the Household Labor Force Survey results quarterly, the DIE adapting its methods of calculation for several data to the EU statistical legislation, applied the monthly survey results based on shifting averages of each quarterly period beginning with 2005.

Accordingly, the shifting average of unemployment during the June-July-August period was recorded at 9.1 percent. While the rate of participation in labor force was 50.3 percent, the number of unemployed was 2.3 million.

Meanwhile, the rate of unemployment in Union countries in the Euro zone is 12.7 million; however, it surpasses 19 million when the all EU countries are taken into account. Germany, one of the biggest economies in Europe, also suffers from unemployment, reaching 9.8 percent in 2004. Similarly, unemployment in France is 9.7 percent, which is the highest level over the last five years.

The DIE figures reflect that the total number of unemployed during the above three-month period has slightly increased from 2.30 to 2.31 millions. When compared with the figures from the third quarter of 2004, an additional 353,000 jobs were created as the number of unemployed decreased by 73,000.

While 4.29 million of workers are employed in industry, 7.69 million work in the agricultural sector, 1.32 million in construction, and 9.92 million in the service sector. Compared with last month’s figures, the number of additional job created in agriculture was 194,000, 43,000 in industry and 19,000 in the construction sector; 23.22 million of the total labor force population of 25.54 million are employed and 14.61 million of these people work in cities, while 10.93 million work in rural areas.

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