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Turk Telekom - Answer message
We have a Turk Telekom land line and have noticed over the past month or so that when getting incoming calls it would stop after 4 rings. It has been very frustrating and we have missed calls. Yesterday I called our no using the mobile, to find that a voicemail message is left. I looked on the website and it explains this is a free service for those who request it, as we have never requested it and you can't adjust the number of rings I called them to cancel it (well tried, despite taking Turkish lessons my turkish conversation qualities are seriously lacking!!!!!). So today a very good friend of ours has called TT and all you have to do to cancel this service is dial #22#. Problem over - no more breakneck runs to the phone!!!!!

Just thought I would share this info incase anyone else has come across the same problem!!:cell: It's great to find any easy solution!


Turk Telekom - Answer message
Thank you for this was getting sick of people telling me I never answer my phone .
My phone is up 4 flights of stairs and 4 rings is no way long enough for me to run up all of them.

Hugs Maggie xxx


Turk Telekom - Answer message
Many thanks for this. Our son rang over the weekend - 4 times, before we could get in contact.


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Turk Telekom - Answer message
So now we know how to turn an answer machine off.....but how do you activate it ?


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