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Anyone out there know anything about the murky workings of TurkTelecom?We live in Akbuk and have just been refused permission for a phone line because "we are too far away from the nearest line".Have just measured it out and we are about 50metres from the nearest manhole cover marked "Telefone" and about 45 metres from the nearest house with a phone.
Has anyone out there come across a similar problem?Would it help if we offered something towards the cost of putting a couple of poles in?Does anyone "know" someone who might be able to help in the Akbuk area?


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Turk Telecom
When we first moved into our house the nearest one to us with a phone was about 250 metres away.

We went to Turk Telekom and did all the necessary paperwork etc.

On the appointed day, the engineers turned up as agreed (yep, that was the first big surprise :wink:). Anyway, after a few minutes discussing things amongst themselves, one of them indicated that there was a problem because of the distance from our house to the nearest junction box, on our neighbour's house.

To cut a long-story short, they came back the next day with 5 poles, a huge reel of cable and a JCB. Within an hour our so, all the poles were planted. There was no question of asking permission form other landowners. They just went ahead and put them in.

The total cost to us for the 5 poles and the hire of the JCB ? Just 140 TL.

Turk Telekom ? Luv 'em ! :lol:

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