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'Seventy-one-year-old Neset Takac gave his wife the gift of one of his kidneys for a transplant for their 50th anniversary.

They say that marriage can be the death of love. However, this is not the case for the Takac couple from Giresun that has been married for 50 years, has six children and 16 grandchildren. The kidney transplant, which will only bring them closer, is proof of their half-a-century-long love.

Sixty-four-year-old Fatma Takac’s kidney’s failed five years ago. She was put on the transfer list, but her turn never came up. When her doctor told her that spouses could also provide kidney transplants, Fatma’s husband Neset Takac jumped at the opportunity and said, “I am ready.”

Despite being a match for the transplant, because a kidney transplant poses a risk for those over the age of 65, Fatma refused to let her husband put himself at risk. However, when he said it would be a gift for their 50-year anniversary, she accepted.

The transplant was successful, and the Takac couple were discharged from the hospital soon after.

Source: Sabah English Edition



I Love Kleopatra Beach !
True Love...
Aww how lovely to hear of such love ,.Makes a change to hear something good about Turkish husbands its not all opressed women and beatings ......Real love exists ! ...Diane


True Love...
Lovely story. An example to us all. I have to say that Mag and I are very close too. I am sure I would let her give me one of her Kidneys if I needed it.
True Love...
what a lovely story,
just goes to show that there are marriages that can withstand time,
it is unfortunate for this woman that she needed a transplant in the first place, but how blessed she is to have someone who loves her so much.
i hope they have many more happy years together

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