Troy..the film
at last i've seen this was on Digiturk last night.. i heard it had been panned by the critics but i really enjoyed it..(nooo not just for Brad Pitt)
although its a loose version of Homers iliad it doesnt veer into the realm of the usual Hollywood mish mash of the classics.
its a shame though that it was not shot in Turkey. im not sure where but i did read parts were in Malta. Anybody else see it?
i read an article where Troy was always thought to be a mythical place until a german amateur archaeologist(Heinrich Schleiman) was obsessed by finding it after reading The ─░liad..he searched for years and not only found Troy but also a vast treasure trove. He decked his greek wife out in the fabulous jewellery..there are pics of her. Apparently the treasure got lost(pinched ) in WW11.

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