Translation please
you are the most beautiful of loves/darlings.
I missed you lots.
I want to eat you up !!!!

Doymak's a bit of a difficult one to translate and I've gone for the polite option.It's usually used to mean you've eaten enough and are full/ to be satied or satisfied.
sana means ' to/for you', istiyorum- I want.

I'll leave the other alternatives to your imagination !!!!!
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Translation please
first of all what you are saying even in english, is like you are writing to a your fevorite dish in the kitchen, so it dose not sound good.
I recommend; if i may.

"My love, i miss you so much. You are my happiness"

Kind regards.


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Translation please
My first thought too Ian - but then I wondered, could it be from a waiter?


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Translation please
If you google into their translation sites you get the most hilairious translations most of the time. A friend keeps sending me "clever ones" thinking I am impressed by her Turkish but its mostly a load of ole twaddle. The Swedish is even worse.

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