Translation please
Could someone be so kind as to translate this for me. It was in response to me thanking someone on our sitise for us.
Anyone help........ Many thanks.

Slm Mary&Tony
Ben bir yönetici olarak sizleri aramızda görmekten büyük mutluluk duyuyorum. Birbirimizi daha yakından tanıyarak daha güzel neler yapabiliriz bunları tartışma olanağımızda olur. Bütün üyeler bizim için aynıdır. Eğlencelerimizde bile sizleri aramızda devamlı görmeyi istedik. Ama çoğu İngiliz üyelerimiz akşamları başka yerde eğlenmeyi tercih etti. Sitemiz içerisinde restorantıyla,içkisiyle,eğlencesiyle herşey mevcut. Düşünün Balık+çorba+salata=7.5 tl. Böyle ucuz tutmamıza rağmen sizleri pek göremedik. Bu sene umarım sitemizin geleceği için butür uygulamalara katılmanızı umarım.
Siz geldiğinizde biz çimleri biçmeye başlamırştık.. Şuan sitemizin çimlerini üstten aşağı biçtik. Böyle birsorununuz olmaz sanırım. Ayrıca sitemizin geleceği için arkadaşlarınıza tercih ettirerek sitemizden ev almalarını sağlarsanız çok iyi olur.. Böylelikle evleriniz bitirmemiş kişi kalmaz vede sitemiz çok iyi bir görünüm alır.
Herkes sitemize sahip çıkmalı bu sadece yönetimin işi değildir. Ortak görüşlerherzaman dikkate alınır. Eminim bu sene daha iyi bir tatil yaparsınız,şimdiden iyi tatiller ve selamlar.


Translation please
I know my Turkish is wanting but I think you've lost the Turkish characters.

In order for someone to translate are you able to do a screen capture and upload image instead?


Translation please
Thanks G & D, this is where I am confused it is exactly how the message has been sent.

Anyone any ideas..........................
Thanks again


Translation please
In brief

He is not very happy because there are very few British members who prefers eating at the restaurant in the housing complex though the prices are rasonable.
As an example: soup+fish+salad 7,5 TL
He hopes more members comes to the restaurant this year.

He informs you that they cut the grass in the housing complex.

And finally he wants you to convince some of your friends to buy a place in the complex so there will not be any incomplete building.

He ads members should also do something for the site and not leave all the work to the management and he is waiting for ideas.

wishes you a happy holiday.

For Turkish characters:

- copy the text
- open a new notepad doc
- paste the text
- find and replace

Ü <=> Ãœ
Ş <=> ÅŸ
Ğ <=> ÄŸ
Ç <=> Ç
İ <=> Ä°
Ö <=> Ö
ü <=> ü
ş <=> ÅŸ
ğ <=> ÄŸ
ç <=> ç
ı <=> ı
ö <=> ö

hope this helps.
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Translation please
my twopennarth

Salom Mary&Tony

I thinks you are great and it is better for all to talk with each other to get to know each other better. All members are the same to us, but many members prefer to have fun in the evenings, on our site drinks and entertainment is available. prices are very reasonable ie Fish + soup + salad = 7.5 TL although you may not see them keeping that cheap in the future.

Everyone should look after the site it is not just the managements job. we have mowed the grass especially below the top of the site,

Something about friends (I think as above)

I am sure this year will make a better vacation, holidays well in advance and regards.

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Translation please
Hi Mary & Tony
As a result I am looking for you? I'm happy your appendices more than one? What they can do more good? that is weighing You know our Greek is continuous? But our members aka my British? the place to look? why was chosen. Our site restaurant with in ieris, with two is available. = 7.5 tl Balkorba salad. which you will find very cheap. This year, our hope in future layered applications.

You came to our site do not have a problem. Also come back of our site in future? Larnza preferred site by our house would be a good home to the finish? does not stay in a good arrow View our site receives.

Yet im the only site with all this is not kmal. Partners this year better than last, time to consider making a holiday of good breaks.

Hope this helps its all i could make out not sure if it makes any sense to you


Translation please
Hi, All, thanks so much for all your translations, I can understand it and what the message is now. I so wish I could learn Turkish like you guys but I fail at every start point.
Once again ta very much for your time and effort.


Translation please
Hi Mary.
You said you received it like that. I guess you mean an email?
Therefore its likely you need to set the "character encoding" of your browser or email program.
In that VERY helpful message from Serdar, he illustrates how the characters get mis-displayed if your charcter encoding is not set correctly.
As an example my (Firefox) browser is set to Western (ISO 8859-1).
If you use an email program like Microsoft Oulook you need to set it in there too.

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