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Translate google
Has anyone tried this it's brilliant !! :24:

You just paste the web address in the box and choose what language to translate from and to and press translate :kitapoku:

This is DIDIM BELEDİYE website but it's in Turkish. but put it into google translate below and it converts it to English!

Google Translate

Have a play, it's very useful :first:



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Translate google
It's very useful for odd words and phrases but it gets a bit lost and confused on long sentences. A bit like me really, :wink:
Translate google
Translate Google is good if you only want words

Unfortiunately Turkish is a language with a variety of suffixes which mean different thinhs. Also verbs look completelt different after you have taken the root and the changed for person and tense

Not easy really

I have only just begun to learn from a turkish girl in Sussex whish has been really good and I am looking forward to going out to Turkey in May to try it out

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