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Transfer to Akbuk
Hi All

I need to book a couple of transfers from Bodrum to Akbuk, been looking at the transfer sticky but more confused than before who to use and most posts quite dated. I had been recommended Gordion Travel but looks like they may not be too reliable (from reading forum)

My next choice is A2B anyone had experience with either of these recently?

Reliability more important to me than price. Not sure of dates yet possibly June. Recommendations welcome.

Out of interest anyone know the transfer times by taxi and by shuttle, looks like shuttle is cheapest option but not good if it takes too much longer.



Transfer to Akbuk
we have used lovetours and croesus which is now altinkum travel and both have been very good. Both only charge areound £10 so its not expensive
Transfer to Akbuk

You say that you are looking for reliability above everything else then you need look no further than Mahir, Edna & Steven from Altinkum Dream Homes (ADH).

Their service is second to none, they work 24/7 365 days of the year, they arrive bang on time, have never let me nor others down, the transfers are all done in comfortable cars, their driving is safe, they are incredibly friendly people and there is only you or your party in the transfer vehicles.

The cheaper options tend to carry quite a few parties calling at quite a few stops on the way doubling and sometimes trebling the actual transfer time and thats how they can offer the prices they do.

The cost for transfer by ADH as of last September was £ 40.00 and thats for the cost of the vehicle not per person no matter how many travel.

You won't receive better advice and just so everyone is aware of this, I have no agency/commission or other financial links with their business.

I am simply someone who bought a property through them which was a very pleasant and pain free experience. They handled everything including snagging, cleaning, taking me to buy anything I wanted wherever I wanted it from and took care of any wee site problems that arose.

I received my TAPU within 5 months again fully handled by them without me having to do a thing therefore, need I say more, that more than anything anyone can say speaks volumes about them.

Meet them once and they will be friends for life.

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Transfer to Akbuk
"...Gordion Travel but looks like they may not be too reliable (from reading forum)..."

Just to say, we have used Gordion for the last 5 years for our transfer to Akbuk and they have never let us down.

Mel and Anne.


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Transfer to Akbuk
Thanks for your reply's, seems I have got it wrong about Gordion, would not want to do them a dis-service if so many have had no problems the post I read must have been a one off bad day and we all have them. :eek:)

Steve (Brokenbrains) WOW I can't possibly ignore such a recommendationand have emailed them tonight.

Not been to Akbuk for such a long time so really looking forward to it.


Transfer to Akbuk
I always use Zaza and never been let down,but always make sure that transfer companies
have the proper insurance.You do get a lot of emlaks doing transfers without it.


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Transfer to Akbuk
-->: Transfer to Akbuk

dollarbill, ı can say to you that, Gordion Travel is the Best company in didim,
about shuttle and private vip transfer, ı dont disclaim that what you said, please eveybody can read all about Gordion Travel.
Gordion Travel always promise to member of TLF for make the best services.

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