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Train travel in Turkey
Trains are not widespead in Turkey - for example there are no trains to Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum, Alanya, nor to Gorëme in Cappadocia, so you need to use a combination of train+bus to reach these places.

Guidebooks often say that Turkey has a good bus network and that 'buses are faster than trains'. But do you really want to spend 12 hours in a bus? When you can travel on a comfortable air-conditioned train, with a bed to sleep in in your own room, a restaurant for your meals and space to move around, through fantastic scenery, unspoilt by roadside development?​

Train travel in Turkey can be a wonderful experience, with the best trains now modern and air-conditioned. Sensible travellers will use a train for long distances (for example, Istanbul to Konya, Ankara, Kars or Pamukkale) then a short bus trip where necessary to reach places off the rail network, for example Antalya or Gorëme.​

The rail network was mostly built by the Germans, and the joke goes that the Turks paid them by the mile, hence the twisting and curvaceous nature of Turkish railways!​

However, the best air-conditioned Istanbul-Ankara trains now travel at up to 95mph and take just 5 hours after major improvements. The first section of a brand-new high-speed line from Istanbul to Ankara opened in March 2009, and journey time will be reduced to just 3 hours by 2010, beating both buses & flights.​

Overnight trains with sleeping-cars, some now air-conditioned, provide a comfortable, romantic and time-effective way to travel between major cities.

You can find an excellent guide to train routes, times & fares within Turkey here



Train travel in Turkey
Good thread Ceemac. I tried to a look at train travel as an option for my route back in February, which took in business and relatives in Istanbul, Izmir, Fethiye and Mersin. Ended up using car & plane in the end! Will read your link with interest.


Train travel in Turkey
Buses ??? Dear god, spent 13 hours from Istanbull to Antalya , over night, a nightmare. Steward had , how can I put this, personal hygene problems, the stops where interesting, but the jorney was very very uncomfortable, Roads around Afyon where pretty bad, having said all that , it was few years back....

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