Tragic case
Yes I saw that very sad. Again the law needs looking at as the judge can only go by what is in force at the time. What a position to be in.


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Tragic case
No clue in the title mate.

Do you think she should have been jailed or not? Simple question.


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Tragic case
I repeat I find the whole case tragic

theres no winners in this and I find it difficult to definitively say how I would react in such a situation, hence its tragic


Tragic case
i was shocked to find under the circumstances she got life. Our justice system needs a complete overhaul.

I understand she was convicted of murder and attempted murder but surely the judge should have some leeway in certain cases. Its not as if she is/was going to go out and murder and Im sure she didn;t think it like that.

Very very tragic the whole story.
Tragic case
as she was tried as sane, there's no question she was in her right mind, and planned and carried out the killing with full intention; indeed, it was her second attempt. the choice of heroin was very loving, in that she gave her child an immediate end to his pain; i don't think we can make any issue out of the method - in fact, if i was gonna go, it would be a sensible choice to choose something that would make my exit as pleasurable as possible. as she knew full well that the law would come down on her like a tonne of bricks ("set an example", phrummph phnnarr phruummmph) but went ahead anyway, i can only stand back in huge admiration that she would knowingly give up her freedom and reputation to end her son's suffering. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said "There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because Conscience tells him it is right." I think she acted to the best of her conscience and respect her for it. I hope that, once 'justice' has been seen to be done, she is released early, without the press and chat room judges (i include myself here) having anything to say here. indeed, it's tragic, and such a situation should not have needed to happen, but in the end i think the decision lay with her, and not with God, and certainly not with the State. i doubt ever we would all agree on the rights and wrongs here, and agree with sairose that all we can do is whisper ... 'tragic'.


Tragic case
it's so easy to pass judgement when it's someone else! i, for one, don't know what they where going through, so won't make any comments either way.
Tragic case
i think the mother said a very telling thing when she said nobody knew if he was in pain or not ,nor how much he was suffering.....thats so true as people in this mans position cant communicate and if they are aware of whats going on around them how very very terrible.


Tragic case
no I dont think that she should have been jailed, I wouldnt want to live as her son had to...a drunken joy rider can kill someone and get away with it, where are all the doogooders now...if it was my son, I would do the same thing, because I know thats what he would have wanted me to do...may god bless her...and give the jury who condemmed her, many sleepness nights.


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Tragic case
I can only look at it from a personal viewpoint. Were I in his position I would hope someone would have the love, courage and kindness to put me out of my misery. This is not an unthinking statement, I have a living will that expresses just this. I would not hesitate to carry out the same kindness for those that I love should the need arise.

Why heroin? It's easy to obtain, quick and painless - excellent choice - and I suspect a choice that only came about after much thought and reading.

That a woman who has shown such courage (and it does take great courage to want to alleviate the pain of someone you love to the extent that you would do something you know you will have to live with for the rest of your life, my only experience is with a loved pet, I can not conceive what it would be like with my own child) should be so punished by a society that has demonstrated that it is completely lacking in moral fibre is the real crime.

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