traditional Turkish Recipes
Hi Guys I am in need of a little help, I am looking for Traditional Turkish Main course dishes different from the normal tas Kebabi ,Orman Kebabi,hunker begiandi
Yes spelt it wrong Sorry.
All of the above are very good dishes but can be found nearly everywhere so I am looking for the really unusual any region just something different any help would be great ..
Many Thanks in advance


traditional Turkish Recipes

What about stuffed aubergines and peppers?

I use this website for recipe ideas...

Binnur's Turkish Cookbook: Stuffed Peppers with Olive Oil

If you're really adventurous you could try making manti by hand.
Moussaka is considered Turkish in some regions.
Lamb tandir is one of my daughters favourites.


I find pilav and salad are served at almost every meal, however there are also plenty of variations to pilav too.

Good luck, let us know what you made :)



traditional Turkish Recipes
Thanks for that the Lamb tandir sounds good. We manage an apartment complex with Restaurant and Bar and have 2 local village ladies cooking for us ,We are trying to be different to the normal Tourist menu that you get and give our guests the Turkish food that the Turks would eat at home and because they eat very little meat
we are having a problem coming up with good main course meat dishes.I am a Chef by trade and have worked for a number of large hotels so this has been a great way for me to learn as well.


traditional Turkish Recipes

Wow, that sounds like a project, good luck with your menu.
Turks tend not to eat in the same way that us Brits do (assuming you're British) in that they don't have set main meals. They can evolve and develop a casserole that was made two days ago, and turn it into an entirely different dish.
Most dishes are made with some type of olive oil or tomato sauce.

I can give you an idea for a summer main course, you won't get more Turkish than this as it's one my husband makes often. It's basically a fish casserole. Choose a fish that can be sliced into 'steaks' or boiled whole. As a chef you'll probably know which will work best. A large seabass will work, it can be done with cod too. Place the fish in a large deep overproof dish - add medium sized red peppers, onions, tomatoes (peeled), garlic, sliced mushrooms and top with lemon slices. You can also add flat leaf parsley during serving.
Everything should be chopped quite finely. Add some water, olive oil and salt and pepper and then cover with tin foil and cook for an hour or so on a low-medium heat. As a chef you can probably work out the measurements yourself. It's served like a soup - with crusty bread.
Here's a picture. I'm sure you can imagine the taste, and add or adjust the ingredients as you like.


Will be interested to read about your menu ideas, perhaps you could share a few recipes too :)



traditional Turkish Recipes
looks great can get the girls to play around with it a bit and add there own slant onto it. I will fill you in on what we decide for the menu and yes because of the different why that they eat trying to take that into a European style of dining is what is causing the problems. but we have found a few that will work like Mahmudiye which is a lamb dish with almonds,honey and apricots that was very popular last year and Mahmudiye which is chicken with honey these dishes are from the ottoman era another problem we have had is that the Turks tend to use tomatoes in everything so if you dont like tomatoes then it tough lol
thanks again for your help
traditional Turkish Recipes
most Turks agree that the best Turkish food comes from Antakya and i agree with them.
Tepsi kepab is a speciality stuffed lamb ribs and theres a special stew kabak boranı made with either kabak/zuccini or spinach its cooked in tuzlu yoğut with small pices of lamb..its delicious.
heres a couple of links you might find helpful

Antakya Turu - Kabak Borani

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No fun if it's too easy!
traditional Turkish Recipes
One of my favourites of all time is İMAM BAYILDI. A fabulous dish of aubergine stuffed with meat & veggies. :)

You need beautiful purple skinned aubergine that are a good size so that one aubergine is sufficient for one adult serving.

I peel the skins to give a striped effect, fry them gently in a little olive oil until they are slightly soft, split down one side so that they can be opened up like rowing boats and then fill with a mixture of lightly fried minced lamb, mushroom, onion, pepper and garlick. My filling is a little like a good bolognese mix.
Place the filled aubergines in a good sized pyrex dish, top each one with a hot slim green pepper and pour tomatoe/onion sauce over.
Bake in a hot oven and serve with a good Pilav rice or Bulgar pilav and crusty bread.

The old story goes that one of the pashas from days gone by, ordered his chef to prepare something different for a special celebration and this aubergine dish was served.
The pasha was so overwhelmed when he tasted the food that he passed out. Hence the name, Imam Bayıldı, translates as, the leader of prayer fainted. :high5:


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traditional Turkish Recipes
Another Turkish city entered UNESCO's Creative Cities Network with its world-renowned cuisine.

Following footprints of the southeastern Gaziantep and southern Hatay provinces, western Afyonkarahisar province entered the list with its Turkish delights and more.
Afyonkarahisar enters UNESCO list with renowned cuisine - Turkey News

Do TLF members cook with traditional sucuk? We tend to buy it only when it is on offer and use it on home made pizzas


traditional Turkish Recipes
Ah sucuk, my wife buys it from Migros when it is half price. She fry's it with eggs for breakfast. She cuts it into thin slices about the size of halfacrowns and fry's it to the size of thrupenny bits.

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