Tourist Tales..
Tourist Tales

Tourist Tales. Our long time friends Don & Doris have been coming to Turkey for 15 years now; they can tell a tale or two about the travels this tale is no exception. As usual they fly into Izmir then are ushered onto coaches for the normal journey to Kusadasi or so they thought. They are welcomed onboard by the Thomas cook rep. and the bus departs Izmir. First stop the Pine Bay Hotel, a couple disembark explaining that they know the routine and don’t need any help from the driver or courier. The coach sets off down the hill for the next drop. Yes you all know what happens next, the first bend in the road and out pops a load of suitcases all over the road, down the embankment etc. etc.etc...... Shouting from inside the coach alerts the driver who stops. Most of the passengers pile out in the dark to see if it’s their cases strewn all over the road. The Pine Bay Hotel security hears the shouting and appears with flash lights to help recover cases. Don & Doris can’t see theirs, until they here an English man shouting at a Turkish man who is running off into the bushes clutching suitcase. Passengers and onlookers give chase; he drops their case and disappears into the night. Eventually all the cases are recovered and they continue their journey to their hotel. Some cases including theirs were damaged beyond repair, but at least the contents survived intact. The Thomas Cook rep. did reprimand the driver for not checking that the luggage door was closed properly, but to no avail, the shrug of the shoulders said it all. As Don said This is Turkey. Alls well that ends well. The rep. apologized to Don and Doris and a new suitcase will be in their possession before they leave, along with a present from Thomas Cook.

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