Smith Chris J
Tough Competition and Mud Slinging
Hi there,

When today I login to this forum to review what's happening around, I was surprised to see how people have started using this platform for mudslinging to their competitors when they are unable to face tough competition.

I was reading one post by stan [Gin&tonic]. He used this professional forum to malign the name of a person and company which is well reputed in the Overseas property market in London and Turkey.

It is very disgraceful for these guys when unable to defeat in the price or quality services, they've started using these forum to put a bad name to their competitors. But I'm delighted to read the reply of a senior member 'Red' who has received good services from Cameron and his team. As this post is recent one, many of the good and satisfied client will respond in positive manner.

I'll request with this article to the administrator of this forum to block such sort of people, who are misusing these platforms to malign the names of their competitors.


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