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Top of the pops
Oh goodness me Philip No, No No, I love music but this lot is just noise, head banging noise. Joe deserves to be No.1, it was a fix, surely!!!

I'm looking forward to Top of the Pops programme on Christmas Day, it wouldn't be Christmas without Top of the Pops, lol


Top of the pops
I love Metal and I know good metal is not a head banging noise. But RATM are NOT good metal plus with swearing in for Christmas in particular, they are a farce. A lot of angry teenagers voted JUST to get a swear word in the no 1 for Christmas chart.

And music transcends all ages. I can tell you at the gigs I go to there are all ages!!!!!!!

All lyrics are anti estab and anti the man stuff but they are signed to one of the biggest labels = fake.

And although not a fan of Cowell orchestrating the masses, who wins if another big conglomerate does?

Tit for tat in my book.

The soldiers should have won if the choice is not a manipulation.

Angry about this whole Pied Piper following one or the other.

I know I'll get slated now but I don't care, fed up with Radio controlling airplay etc. On the special requests thread I said Journey should be bigger.

Now look at the top 40 for the last two weeks since Cowell decided to play a Journey track!!!!!!!! no 9 for two weeks now no 7!!!

There's some seriously good stuff out there and more should tune into independant radio stations and live gigs!!!!
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Top of the pops
Now im not the worlds biggest RATM fan but i kind of support the intention of Jon Morter's facebook campaign.

For years the Christmas No 1 has been from the X Factor stable and i feel it's taken all the anticipation, excitement and unpredictability out of the race (i don't think Gary Barlow has still got over the shock of Mr Blobby beating him in '93)

OK so the track may just sound like incomprehensible dirge to some of you but that to me sends out a bigger message to McCowell and his corporate's just a shame that wee Joe is the innocent caught up in this.

The plus side (if there's claim to actually being one) is that all the record sales royalties shall go to Shelter (rather than to 19 management).

So there you go...Merry Christmas!!

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