Completely Chillaxed
Too Risky !
A couple of comments from The Grumpy Old Sod.

There's been a certain amount of media coverage of the story about two off-duty cage-fighters on their way to a stag do - in drag. A couple of drunken louts had a go at them, and got well hammered for their pains. Everyone thinks it's hilarious - well, so do we.

But what we can't understand is this: why haven't the cage-fighters been arrested? What are the authorities thinking of? We can't have people just defending themselves whenever they feel like it ...

Oh, wait. I think I know the answer. The police were going to arrest them, but the risk assessment said it was too dangerous so they should find an old lady instead. Like the 71-year-old crippled woman who poked a hoodie in the chest recently. Because the risk assessment says it's far safer to arrest an innocent civilian than it is to tackle a criminal.


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