todays word is yürümek
todays word is yürümek
yürümek..the verb to walk...this is an excellent word to learn for pronunciation...vowel harmony and buffer letters.
yürümek.....its looks awful with all those dotted Üs
but get the correct pronounciation and practice saying it one syllable at a time and its ok. MUST say the R.
Yürümek..the vowel Ü belongs to the E group of dotted vowels.
A good way to tell somebody to go away is to say the command yürü! walk!...yew rue...stress the R

Here is the verb in the present tense
Yürüyorum....yew rue yor um ... İ am walking...the present tense sign İ here taking the vowel harmony of Üyor...the YOR part is always the same.
'Bugün Alanya'ya yürüyorum'
'Today i am walking to Alanya'
'Tosmur'a yürüyor musun?
Are you walking to Tosmur?
'Hayır.Tosmur'a yürümüyorum
No i am not walking to Tosmur'.
Yürü M üyorum...the negative M

To use the verb in the past tense you add the past tense marker after the verb stem
yürüDÜ m..i walked...yürüDÜ n walked..yürüDÜ he /she/it walked.....yürüDÜ k..we walked..(WE in the past tense is always K)
yürüDÜ plural walked..yürüDÜ ler they walked.
'Bugün Çarşı'ya kadar yürüdük.'
'Today we walked as far as the centre' kadar' means..up to as much far as..

to use walk in the future tense.. the tense sign is ECEK
yürüyeceğim...yürü.Y is a buffer between Üand E....ecek the K has to mutate to soft Ğ as the personal pronoun İ i the future tense is İM
hence yürüYeceĞim..say it ''yew rue ye ejey eem''...i will walk
Yürü will walk...yürüYecek..he/she/it will walk.
YürüYeceğiz...again the 3rd personal pronoun has to have the K mutated to soft Ğ as the pronoun in the future tense is İZ
so here is a reminder of the three main tenses
iyor...for the present..and the first vowel changes to it does with yürÜYOR..the YOR part is constant.
The past tense is Dİ ..and again the vowel changes to here yürüDÜ
The present tense sign is ECEK...
in the 1st and 3rd person pronouns the K always mutates to soft Ğ..
eceG İM /eceĞ İZ

Now for one or two other important suffixes to use with any verb...but here we are still with yürümek
the first one is MELİ (MALI with undotted vowels)
Add MELİ after the verb stem...yürümeli..and the meaing is of MUST
Yürümeliyim..i must walk...yürü/meli/ must walk etc.
add the negative sign ME after the stem and before MELİ..and the meaning is..i must not walk.
yürü /ME/ MELİ /yim...yürü/ME/MELİ/ must not walk..etc

the suffix EBİL/ABİL added after the verb stem gives the meaning of CAN or to be ABLE
Yürü..walk..Y buffer..EBİL..can...iyor..present personal pronoun İ
i am able to walk now.
yürü y ebil iyor um say it.yew rue yebil ee yor um

To say you are not able to walk present tense take away the EBİL..and add E + the negative after the verb this
yürü (Y buffer) E./M /yor um...
yürüyemiyorum..yürü yem
i am not able to walk..present tense

here is an example of using yürümek in the sense of who is doing this case the one who is walking
'Yolda köpek ile yürüyen adam tanıyor musun?
road on.. dog with walking man.... recognize do you?'
Adding EN/AN to the stem (and in this case with a bufer Y) gives the meaning of the man who is walking.
Yolda..on the road.....köpek is dog...ile with
'yürüyen adam.... the man who is walking.
Tanıyor musun? you know him?'..tanıyor from the verb tanımak recognise

And one more example using the suffix -KEN...and this is also a much used suffix...useful when trying to explain something etc.
'Sahilde yürüKEN güzel deniz kabuğu buldum'
Shore at ..walking when ...lovely sea shell found İ
when i was walking on the shore i found a lovely sea shell'
deniz..sea...kabuk means from a shell or a fruit or nut peeling etc..
here its a certain shell ie the sea' it needs the suffix U and therefore the K has to soften to a Ğ ...kabuh Uh..(.sounds something like that)
i hope thats not too much...or too little
kolay gelsin...xx


Nadine in disguise
todays word is yürümek
Hi Shirley,
No, no, it's never too much or too little
I can barely keep up !!!!

Ne güzel bir söz, deniz kabuğu !! Ben de sahılde oturuyorum , burada çok deniz kabuğu var,..... eskiden gençtim ve deniz kabuğuler topladım ....
(when I was young I used to collect sea shells ???)
todays word is yürümek
doğru sparrow ..sadece deniz kabuğu yeter..otherwise you could say deniz kabukları..ama gereksiz


Nadine in disguise
todays word is yürümek
shirleyanntr said:
doğru sparrow ..sadece deniz kabuğu yeter..otherwise you could say deniz kabukları..ama gereksiz

Thanks Shirley !
Yes I realized I did make a mistake : deniz kabukları.... (and not deniz kabuğuler (which was wrong all the way, even if it was right it should have been "lar" at the end...... LOL !!!))

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