todays word is sormak
sormak means to ask..its nice a easy to say.
Soru means question..and cevap means answer...cevap +vermek means to give an answer.

and before giving an explanation of sormak there are a few words you should be aware of that look and sound a bit the same..
sorun means problem..'soruN var mı?' there a problem?
soruM..means responsibility..and sorumLU responsible..sorumSUZ..irresponsible.
So you can see that it would be easy to mix them up....just take your time.

SOR!..ask...SORMA!..don't ask!

the past tense sign for this verb is DU
Sor+DU+M..i asked..sor+DU+K..we asked
sor+DU+N you formal asked.
sor+du .he/she /it asked. sor+DU+lar..they asked.
and here is the negative form and you can see the changes in the vowel harmony
the negative sign is MA
sor+ma+DI+M..i didn't ask..sor+ma+DI+k we didn't ask
sor+ma+DI+N you didn't ask..sor+ma+DI+nız you formal didn't ask
sor+ma+dı..he/she/it didn't ask....sor+ma+dı+lar

sor DUM..sor MA DIM...can you see the differences

undotted harmony rules are
last vowel A or I is suffixed by I
last vowel O or U is suffixed by U.

the question form is
sordum mu? did i ask? sorduk mu did we ask
sordun mu? did you ask?..sor dunuz mu? did you ask
sordu mu?..did he/she/it ask..
sordular MI..did they ask?..the harmony now follows the A in

present tense is like this..the tense sign here is Uyor..
sor+Uyor+um..i am asking..soruyor +uz we are asking
sor+uyor+sun or are asking
soruyor..he/she/it is asking...sor+uyor+lar they are asking.

if you want to say CAN i ask then you add ABİL to SOR..
and now its İ the vowel follows the dotted İ in abİ
sor+abil+iyor+um i can ask

and for the question can i ask ? its..
sor+abil+iyor muyum?
'Seni bir şey sorabiliyor muyum?
'can i ask you something?

if you append MALI (meli to a dotted vowel verb)to the verb get
sor+malı+yım..i must ask..sormalıyız we must ask
sormalısın..sormalısınız must ask
sormalı he she it must ask..sormalılar..they must ask

if you use the verbal noun sorma..this is the equivalent of the english asking...and sorma can take personal endings as well as case suffixes
here are a few examples
'bilet- almadan önce- fiyatını -sormam lazım'
ticket- take before- its price- asking i need'
sormaM lazım..asking i need

'Eğer -Türkçe -daha kolay- öğren- istesen -grammar hakkında -çok soru -sormak lazım'
if- Turkish- more easily- learn -if you want -grammar about- much questions asking need'
eğer is not strictly goes with isteSEn..if you want...SE /SA..this is the the tense used to convey İF..we will look at it again in full.

'Bilgi edinmek sormak için lazım'
information getting asking for is needed
to get information you need to ask'
edinmek is the verb to get.

and thats me getting off for the it me or is it hotter today :lol:


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todays word is sormak
Nice One Shirley i'll sleep on that tonight
and see if i can remember it in the morning




todays word is sormak
Thanks Shirley will try and use that one today as I have many questions to ask!! Trouble is my Turkish will have run out b4 I've finished asking them!!

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