todays word is olmak
you need this verb to make sense of a lot of everyday idioms ad also to use with nouns etc to broaden the meaning.
so olmak the verb to be is a 'must learn' verb.
olmak has many meaning but chiefly in the sense of 'to be' or 'to become'
everyday expressions which you have probably heard are...
Ne oldu...whats happening..whats going on..say it noldu..the o is like the O in Olive and it's short as all turkish vowels are..almost curt.
Ne olacak..whats to be..again it has the same meaning as 'ne oldu'...but as its with the future 'acak' what are we going to do
Olur..its can be..its ok. can be can be..ol a.beeleer..but not drawn out..say it short...olur and olabilir are from the simple present tense.
sağlık ol..never healthy.
mutlu ol be happy..dikkat ol careful. cant be possible.

olmak is used extensively with different nouns
here are some examples
Hazır be ready to be prepared.although hazır..'ready' ..can take pronouns it needs the verb for tenses and moods. ready...but hazir olacağım..i will be ready..hazir olmalıyım...i must be ready.
zengin olmak to become rich..hasta olmak to become ill...hastayım..i am ill...but again you need olmak to broaden the sense.
'Zengin olsam...yine kibirli olmayacağım'
if i was rich still i would not be arrogant'
here olmak is in the IF tense...and also in the future tense.
ol/SA/m..SA is the sign for the İF tense...(normally it would be said olsaydım..if i was using the imperfect past).. for now olsam is enough.
yine means 'still /even so'
kibirli means arrogant..stuck up.
olmayacağım....ol/ma/Y/acağım...i will not become
ol stem /ma negative /y buffer /acağım..future 1st person
kibirli keebeeRRlee..not to be mixed up with kibar..which means can see how important it is to really say all the letters...kee baRR
pişman means to be sorry...
it can be used with pronouns..pişmanım..i am sorry
but again it needs olmak to explain itself.
'Böyle yapma yoksa pişman olacaksın'
Dont do that or you will be sorry.
Böyle means this..(often heard in the phrase şöyle bö this and like that)
yapma dont
yoksa or else
pişman olacaksı will be sorry.
ol a jack sın...nice and easy!!
pişman is another word which can be mixed up with piş cook as the sounds to a learner are very take your time...and enjoy


Nadine in disguise
todays word is olmak
Excellent Shirley !
I do have a lot of problems with olmak, but this lesson certainly helps, because indeed you hear it all the time and for me it is sometimes very difficult to grasp the meaning...

and you are sooo right, one must learn each word properly and right, I know that by now, but in the beginning I often made that mistake and it only leads to confusion and frustration (sözler doğru olmalılar , otherwise pişman olacaksın... the words must be right, otherwise you will be sorry....hmmmm)

bye, have a nice sunday !!!!

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