todays word is Mutlu
Todays word is mutlu

İt means its a nice word..and lts also a nice word to demonstrate the suffixes of the verb ‘to be’.
Or it used to be called that when i was in school…now i believe its called an auxillary verb or a compliment verb...or a helping verb
Actually Mut means happiness…with LU added it then means happy…and its an A undotted vowels group word…
Here are the pronouns in the present tense…for this words' harmony…
UM..i are..DUR..he/she /it is..UZ..we are..plural/formal
DURLAR..they are

Mutluyum…i am happy…..the Y is a buffer..the personal ending is in harmony with its YUM… MutluYUZ..we are happy
MutluSUN…you are are happy formal/plural
Mutlu DUR..he/she/it is happy…MutluDURLAR..they are happy….
To ask if you are happy..its
‘mutlu musun?’…are you happy..the question marker is MU
‘Evet mutluyum’..’yes i am happy.’

The negative of the verb’’to be’’…(lets call it that for here!) DEĞİL
Değil..say it DE. hY ..eel
‘Mutlu değilim’…happy not İ
then you may be asked
‘Mutlu değil musun..niye?’…you are not happy..?.why?
And you can reply
‘Yalan söyledim…şaka yapıyorum….çok mutluyum’
‘lie said İ…joke i am making…very happy i am’
i lied ,im joking, im very happy.

Here are the endings for the past tense

After a vowel the suffix takes a Y..
Mutlu..YDUM.. i was happy…MutluYDUK..we were happy were happy… plural
MutluYDU..he/she/it was happy..MutluYDULAR…they were happy.
say it mutluydum..all in one go...NOT mutlu ee dum
Again if you want to turn it around into a question you put the ?marker MU in front of the pronoun
Mutlu muydum?…was i happy……mutlu muydun? were you happy?

İn english you can use this form for the three main tense…i am, i was, i will be…but in Turkish you can only use it for the present and the past tenses
To use this ‘verb’ for the future tense you must use it with olmak…
Olmak means to be or to become
Mutlu olacağım….i will be happy..mutlu olacağız..we will be happy
Mutlu olacaksı will be happy…mutlu olacaksınız…you plural will be happy
Mutlu olacak…he/she/it will be happy..mutlu olacaklar..they will be happy.

if instead of adding LU to MUT you added SUZ...mutsuz...then you have the meaning of unhappy...and this too can take all the endings we have used for mutlu

i hope this is helpful
fazla merak değilsiniz ...mutlu ol yeter.
dont you worry too much...most important is to be happy.


Nadine in disguise
todays word is Mutlu
Indeed a very nice one Shirley,
it remembers me the sentence of Atatürk : "Ne mutlu Türküm diyene"

Ne mutluyum her gün yeni ders var ....... teşekkürler

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