todays word is köpek
To go over the suffixes of yesterday in a different way i have chosen the word this will also show you the mutation of K to Ğ..and its a good word to get the Ö sound right

A dog is a dog..but to become a certain dog it needs the suffix İ/I..and since Köpek is from the E dotted vowel group it takes İ..köpekİ…
But thats not all…since K has to soften before a vowel it changes to soft Ğ
(if i had chosen kitap..the P would have to soften to B before a vowel
kitap..kitabı..its the same sort of thing)

now back to köpek...

With the suffix İ Kö becomes KÖPEĞİ and now it can become that certain dog.
However in the plural the K stays.. as its followed by a consonant Ler
A dog is köpek…the dog is köpeği..the dogs are köpeklerİ
Köpek..say it ker pek..the ö is a bit like the sound in english her
but dont say the R like a turkish RRRR
Köpeği Köpey ee..not easy for us at first…but practice it.

To say TO the dog we need the suffix E/A
Köpeğ E…to the dog Köpek ler E to the dogs..
Köpeği y e yemek ver…give food to THE dog buffer Y
Say it..ker pey ee yeh

To say in/on or at the dog…the suffix DE is used…but here its TE folks!! its after a K and therefore the D changes to T
Sounds better anyway…try it…KöpekDE or KöpekTE….i vote for köpekTe
Köpekte çok bit var..the dog has fleas (on it)
Though in the plural you can keep the D…kö or at the dogs.
Bit means flea...çok bit gives the need for bitler...

Now we come to the suffix DEN…however here its TEN…just as before the D becomes T
Köpek Ten from the dog
KöpekTEN uzak dur…
Stop away from the dog……köpeklerden plural.
uzak dur..stop away

Here is the possesive suffix İN
Köpeği'NİN the dog’s..
Köpeği'nin tasması..the dog’s collar
here the suffix s /ı..buffer letter S used with he/she/it after a word ending in a vowel

And here is İN used also with MY..
Köpeğimin tasmasını kaybettım
köpeğimin tasması+buffer N+direct object I tasmasını
Kaybettım…i have lost past tense of the verb kaybetmek lose…

here are a few examples using ÜTÜ..which is an iron...these are just to show how the harmony changes.
ütü..say it ewtew..NB..dont say Youtoo..and you really need to pout with this one!!
To make it the iron..add the suffix for that which is İ..but here it harmonizes with the Ü its ütü/Yü
the locational suffix E stays the same..ütü the iron
Ütü on or at the iron
ütüden from the iron
ütünün..the iron's..ütünün sehpası..ironing board
sehpa is a small table
ütülemek means to iron
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todays word is köpek
You've lost me over the dog's collar !!!!
Shouldn't it be 'köpeğimin tasmasını kaybettim' ?


I am a Turk
todays word is köpek
Leylaasena, yes you are right but she is doing perfect job here and I am sure this is a typing error. So don't worry too much, it is not a big deal believe me.
todays word is köpek
ok ..sorry i missed off the köpeğim /in ...well spotted...its a dalmation dog i had spots before me eyes....
todays word is köpek
Excellent thanks for this - those endings for "the dog's" (in) I get confused with, because isnt that the same as in "your dog" ie kopegin? (Sorry I cant do the dots coz i dont know how to change my keyboard). Or do you just have to understand a bit more Turkish to get the relevance of the sentence?
todays word is köpek
hi everybody ..hope i didnt mix you all up with the dalmation...its a tricky one...i looked at it just now and corrected my mistakes..
Bodrum Boy..köpeğ your dog....but köpeğin'İ your DOG'S...visualize the apostrophe'S..
Köpeğ/İ..the dog
Köpeğin...your dog
Köpeğinin your dog'S

Bodrum Boy's dog..Borum Boy'IN köpeğİ
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Nadine in disguise
todays word is köpek
Hi there,

Well, I have some trouble with :
Köpeğiye yemek ver…give food to the dog

Why is this not: Köpeğe yemek ver… ???
(not to mention the fact that I find this completely impossible to pronounce )

Oh... and I have a nice example of 'in"

sen, bu kalbimin en özelin.... (it's from a song by Gökhan özen) :music:
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