todays word is giymek
giymek means to wear put on clothes
giyİNmek..means to dress be dressed...
these are verbs that have a slight difference in meaning..and it can be quite funny if you get them wrong.
there are a lot of verbs like this in turkish.
another one thats in constant use is yıkamak..and yı means to wash..the other means to wash yourself or to be washed.
there's no easy way to learn these..but lets try and have a go to at least simplify them.

here's giymek in the past tense..its a dotted vowel word.
the endings are M/N/K/NİZ/LER..and the past tense sign is
GiyDİm..i wore..giyDİk..we wore
GiyDİ wore..giyDİ wore
giyDİ..he/she/it wore..giyDİler..they wore.
'Yırtık pırtık blujin giydi'
she wore torn and tattered jeans'

yırtık pırtık is an edample of a doublet ..there are many of them in turkishand they make the language both fun and keep your ears open and you will hear's one or two
prıl prıl means clean clean..ter temiz also means very clean..sim siyah..jet black..bem beyaz..white sarı bright yellow...falan filan..this and that..and one everybody learns when they first come to Turkey..şöyle böyle.its .like this & like that..(i will try and get a list put together as they make learning more fun)

back to giy..which is pronounced GEE..hard G
'sokakda yırtık pırtık kot pantolon giyen kız benim kızım'
'the street in raggy jeans wearing girl is my daughter'
jeans are either blujin or kot pantolon..kot means denim.
GiyEN..who is wearing

the sentence formation is a simple example ..but this is typical of how sentences are made up...and notice that whatever the books tell you..the verb doesnt always appear to be last.
'Kazak giyen adam öğretmenim oluyor'
jumper wearing man is becoming my teacher'
in the last sentence the verb was at the end.
oluyor..from olmak..'he is becoming'

here is giymek in the present tense..its an easy one too
İYOR .is the present tense sign+pronouns
UM/SUN/UZ/SUNUZ/LAR..these are ALWAYS the same in the present tense...
Giyiyorum..i am wearing..giyiyoruz..we are wearing are plural are wearing
giyiyor..he/she/it is wearing..giyiyorlar..they are wearing
pronounce it gee ee yor...
'Yeni giyecek duşunuyorsun..güzel mi?new clothes i am wearing..what do you think..are they nice?
Ne duşunuyorsun..what are you thinking..the verb infinitive is duş think.

Here is an example using the meaning of can't wear
the form is stem+E+M+tense +pronoun
giy/E/M/iyor/um...i can't wear.
'Yünlü giysiler giyemiyorum'..gee E..Mİ'woollen clothes i can't wear'
Yün means wool..yünLÜ with wool
giysi also means does giyecek...

and now for a quick look at giyİNmek
giyiniyorum..i am dressing..giyiniyoruz..we are dressing
giyiniyorsun you are dressing are dressing plural /formal
giyiniyor..he/she/it is dressing..giyiniyorler..they are dressing
'Narinim... nasil giyinMELİyim'
'i am should i dress myself?'
Narin means small slender petite
giyinMELİyim..the meli form gives the meaning of 'must' or im using it here ..'should'

and the last one using the indefinte past tense
'Kardeşimin düğünü için Ebru çok güzel giyinmiş'
For my brother's wedding feast Ebru was beautifully dressed'


Nadine in disguise
todays word is giymek
:panda: A very nice one again Shirley, thank you !
Yes, I know this thing with "n", not that simple indeed, because I have the impression in Turkey the passive mood is much more used then in English (or Dutch).
The same exists with soymak (to undress) and soyunmak (to get undressed)....
How funny the way blujin is spelled, yes, I'm beginning to think Turkish is a fun language, and that is thanks to you, really it is !
The doublets are also very nice (I personnaly also do like : bol bol uyudum (I slept a lot), it gives me really the idea of "a lot"
So, now let's try to make a sensible sentence :
Yeni sap sarı giysiler söyle böyle beğeniyorum ama buna rağmen arkadaşımın düğünü için bunu giyeceğim, çünkü onlar çok pahalıdı !!

PS: I do like the way you English say "petite", an English/Turkish friend of mine also says I'm petite time I can answer him
"Narin... Kim ? Ben mi? Yok.... narin değilim"....
todays word is giymek
sparrow..i get your meaning but can i suggest that the sentence would be better maybe something like this
arkadaşım düğünü için -sarı giyecek aldım -aslında çok beğenmedim- ama giymek zorundayım çünkü pahalaydı
for my friends wedding -yellow clothes i bought , -actually i don't like them very much-.but wear i have to -because it was expensive.
şöyle böyle wouldnt normally be used like this ok.


Nadine in disguise
todays word is giymek
Thanks Shirley, this does indeed sound much, much better.... also the word order is far better........

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