todays word is geri
geri means back or backwards ...but its combined with many other verbs to get a multitude of meanings.
here are a few common ways of using it
geri+almak means to take back..or revoke...such as when you want to revoke a Power of Attorney..vekaletname
''VekaletnameYi geri almam lazım'
i need to revoke a power of attorney'
vekaletname..but when talking about it specifically then you need the suffix İ on the end..the buffer Y between the vowels.
Without these small and seemingly insignificant letters the meaning can be pay attention to them.

use geri with gelmek to get the meaning of coming back
'geri geliyor musun?'
'are you coming back?'
'Evet iki hafta sonra geri geleceğim'
yes two weeks later i will come back'

Geri+cevirmek means to send back..and also to return
'beklediğim paket -dün geldi -ama kararımı değişterdim onun için paketi geri cevirdim'
waiting for by me packet- yesterday came-but my decision i changed therefore the packet i sent bacK'

Dönmek also means to turn and itself it has more the meanng of turning or my head is spinning..etc
but combine it with geri to get the meaning of turning back
''Yol kapandı onun için geri döndük'
the road was closed off so we turned back'

geri+ kalmak means to stay behind..( stay)
'Sparrow hızlı yürüyor onun için geride kaldım'
'Sparrow fast walked therefore i stayed behind'
geriDE at the back
geriYE towards the back

Vites means a car..and vites kutusu means..gear box
geri vites means reverse gear
'Arabamı tamirci'ye götürdüm çünkü geri vites kutusu çalışmıyor'
my car mechanic to i took because the reverse gear id not working'

'Nışanı bozduğumuz için hediyeleri geri vermek zorundayız!
engagement we broke with gifts give back we must'
zorunda..expresses obligation..have to..must..

ok thats all folks see you later xxx


Nadine in disguise
todays word is geri
hi Shirley, a very usefull one
and you know it is true : I always walk (too) fast !

Dün beklediğim yeni arabam geldi, her şey çok güzel, çok yeni, ama ben biraz heyencanliyim, söyle hizli değilim..., sokakta geride kalıyorum (how do you say "drive" in Turkish ?), ve geri vitesi zaten bilip, kulandım ...........

I wonder if anybody will understand this ?
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todays word is geri
hi sparrow..i get it all except the last bit..zaten bilip zaten
drive is either sürmek or araba kullanmak
you have to explaing what you want to say in english...all the rest was fine..and i hope you drive safely!!..xx
maybe its better to say zaten araba kullanmasını biliyorum...vitesi biliyorum.
öne ve arka vitesi biliyorum..forward and back gears i know


Nadine in disguise
todays word is geri
Oh LOL Shirley,
I had my doubts about bilip and kullandim
well, I just wanted to say that I already know there the back gear is and I already used it as well (bit stupid sentence I know, but I just wanted to use the -ip thing)

and yes, I will drive safely, a new car is always a bit stressful...

thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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