todays word is gü rely
Gü trust…to rely upon.
‘Ona güveniyorum’
i trust him/her /it
Say it…goo..ven.. ee.. the OO a bit like the Man United chant ‘OO ahh Cantona’..if you remember it!..Say it well to the front of your mouth…
((this is whats meant by front vowels and back vowels…the U without the dots is said in the back of the mouth…the dotted EİÖÜ the front..the undotted the back.))

‘O araba güzel değil..güvenmiyorum’.goo..ven.. M… the negative form is shown by the M. ..but slightly stress the VEN…gooVEN miyor .um
That car isnt very nice..i dont trust it.
‘Önce ona güvendim.. ama artik güvenmiyorum
before..him/her/it..trusted İ…but… from now on… trust not İ
Güvendim..i trusted…..past tense…
Önce..before…..say it like ..earn jay…
artik means..from now on.

Şu Emlakcı..nasil…güvenebilir miyim?
That Emlakçı…trust him can İ? .whats that emlakçı like..can i trust him?
‘Bu Emlakçı çok iyi ….güvenebilirsin’
This Emlakçı very can trust him….
These examples are using EBİL/ABİ the verb form….this gives the meaning of ‘can’ to the verb. There is no separate verb for ‘can’ in turkish…
Ebil/Abil ..are used to give this meaning…
. E and A …are subject to vowel harmony..but the BİL part always stays the same… comes from the verb know…and takes Bilmek tense endings….Ebil/Abil..following a vowel they take the buffer Y..
To say you are not able to it like this…
güvenE.miyorum..i can not trust..i am not able to trust.
there is just the E before the negative M that is different yet it changes the meaning.
Günvenmiyorum..i do not trust...Güven E are not able to trust
Kesinlikle güven .E. miyorum…. Definitely .i can not trust…..kesinlikle means definitely
There are words that are logically connected to Güvenmek
Güven..means trusting….güvenç also means trust…güvenilir..means reliable.
Güvensiz..without trust..untrustworthy.
Güvence is a guarantee
kolay gelsin
todays word is gü rely
i meant to add there is also a casserole called Güveç...the words are so near in spelling and sound....but dont mix them up!!
give Güveç a try its really tasty.


Nadine in disguise
todays word is gü rely
Thanks again Shirley, nice word that is, I often saw it in Turkey as the name of a boat, so I guessed it meant something like that, but now I know for sure....

see you.....

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