todays word is gülmek
gülmek means to laugh..
and güldürmek means to cause to amuse..its the causative form of gülmek..signified by the addition of DÜ will remember we have done a few verbs like this before.
apart from a good conversation starters these are great words for seeing and learning dotted vowel harmony.

gül..say it like the english ghoul.
gül+DÜ+m..i laughed..güldük we laughed.
güldün/güldünü laughed.
güldü he/she/it laughed..güldüler they laughed

negative..add ME after gül
gül-ME dim..and the harmony has changed..because the last vowel before adding a suffix is E..hence ..
gül-me-di-m..i didn't laugh.gülmedik we didn't laugh
gülmedin you didn't laugh ..gülmediniz you plural/formal didn't laugh.
gülmedi he/she/it didn't laugh..gülmediler they didn't laugh.

present tense uses ÜYOR
gülü -sunuz- lar..i am laughing etc.
negative is.M+üyor
gülmüyorum..gül üyorsun etc.

question form is
gülüyor muyum? am i laughing.
gülüyor musun..are you laughing.
the question marker is undotted MU its harmonized with the last vowel O in üyor.
'Neden gülüyorsun?
why are you laughing.?

'gülmekten bayıldım'
i laughed till i fainted.
gülmek+ten this is another form of a verbal noun...and here its taking a case suffix..DEN/DAN which means from or through.
here Den is mutated to T as it follows K...sorry!! but if you want to learn turkish you will need to know the mutations..not all at once though :)
gülmekten..through laughing.... bayıldım İ fainted
bayılmak..means to faint or pass out
you probably know this word from the famous turkish dish..'imam bayıldı'
bayıldı..he fainted..(the priest it was so tasty))
and don't say it bayldee try ..bay ul du..almost.
and here's another example of bayılmak since we're looking at it
'bayılan- kadını- hastaneye- kaldırıyoruz'
fainting -woman- hospıtal to- we took'
the woman who fainted we took to the hospital.
gül-EN means the one who laughed..just as bayıl-AN means the one who fainted..the meaning comes from the EN/AN suffix.

gülDÜRmek means to cause to laugh or to amuse.
it takes the same endings as gülmek
seni güldürüyor muyum?
am i making you laugh?

'insanları güldürEN adam ingiltereden geldi'
the man who is amusing the people is from england.
'O beni güldürmedi
he didn't make me laugh. :lol:

there's lots more to these words but its a short one as.i once again have a houseful who only want to play okey til the early hours :36:
hope to have a night off on the damlataş 8pm if there's anybody here going there!!


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todays word is gülmek
Fits into my vocabulary perfectly Shirley
and one i hope not to forget.

Thanks Shirl

Whats Okey


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todays word is gülmek
Nice word indeed Shirley...
sen sıksık beni güldürdün (you often make me laugh).....

So I tried to make the following sentence, where I encountered a lot of problems (it is only by doing things you see how much you don't know ...)

kolay bayılırım ama gülmekten hiç bayılmadım.... belki korkudan, veya ağrıdan, söyle bu bayılan kadin olursam ?
(çeviriniz : I easily faint but I never fainted from laughing, maybe because of fear, or pain, so this fainting woman could be me ...:w00t: )

Still, I wonder what okey might be, the only Turkish game I know is Tavla, do you mean that ?

Görüşürüz Shirley, hope things are not too busy at your place...
todays word is gülmek
okey is very popular...its ok to play passes the time..and they play it a lot in the kahve along with tavla..and they sometimes play for money would you believe...the naughty things.!!

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