todays word is düzenlemek
düzenlemek means orderly..organizing and arranging things in order.. and tidying up.
there are several words that start with Düz and are usually connected to the theme of order and straightening things out.
Düz means straight or level
düzen order..düsenLİ with order..orderly..
düzenSİZ without order..untidy.
düzeltmek means to tidy up

but we will concentrate on düzenlemek.
the past tense is düzenle-Dİ-.. organized..or tidied .
the past tense sign is and the pronouns are M-N-K-NİZ-LER
the past tense is not too bad to remember once you have the harmony right.
for dotted harmony its
after E- İ..and after Ö-Ü
for undotted
DI after A-I..and DU after O-U
'Az önce ÇocuğumUN oyunçaklarI düzenle-Dİ-M
'a little earlier my childs toys i organized'.
(i didn't they're too big now..its just an eg.)
notice the the possessive suffixes on child and toys.

the present tense is düzenliyor.. arranging (now)
here's an example using the negative
and one many of us recognize
'kızımın yatak odası düzensiz..ama kesinlikle düzenlemiyorum'
my daughters bedroom is messy.but certainly i am not organizing it
instead of düzenlemek you could use toplamak
kizimin yatak odası düzensiz..ama kesinlikle toplamıyorum'
in normal conversation the preferred word would probably be toplamı also means tidying up gathering together etc...but its not our word for today!!
kesinlikle is an emphatic word..its nice to say too...and gets your point across
kesinlikle mümkün değil..
certainly not possible!

here's another one with toplamak...
misafirimiz- gelmeden önce -evimiz -toplamaya niyet ediyorum'
our guests -before they come-our house-tidying i intend to do'
gel+meden önce..come before..literally 'before they(our guests)come.
toplamaya..tidying of/to
niyet intend...niyet ediyorum..intend to do..present tense.

here's an eg. using the present personal participle DİK
Düzenlediğim kitaplığı ailemden kalma..o çok eskidir'
düzenlediğim kitaplığı..the bookcase that i am organizing
kitaplığı..kitaplık means bookcase
to take the direct object I the K must soften to Ğ..kitaplığı
and also did you notice the change in harmony it started off as İ then the last vowel before the suffix was A .so the following suffix was undotted.
aile means family..aile+M my family ..ailem
ailem+den from my family

and a last one..i just heard a mother telling her daughter
'yaklaş yaklaş..saçını düzensiz..düzenleyeceğim'
yaklaş...come near...
and don't be put off by the long word
düzenle-y-eceğ-im.....dooz-en-ley-edge-jey im...its nothing. :)
the Y is a buffer between the vowels..
ECEK is the future tense sign..the K has to soften to Ğ before the vowel

şimdi kaçıyorum..kendimi düzenlemeye lazım!!.
now im running off.i need tidying up myself

and i hope you are all straightened out now..really tidy and organized :)


Nadine in disguise
todays word is düzenlemek
:clap2: thanks Shirley !

Maalesef, kesinlikle düzensizim...... her zaman düzenliyorum, ama yardim etmiyor
(I'm certainly not on person with much order, I'm constanly straightening things out, but that doesn't help)

Nice word : kesinlikle, I will for sure use it.....,
PS 1 : Does kesinlikle mean the same as gerçekten (meaning, sure....)
PS 2 : does düzentlemek not also mean to correct (like in correcting mistake)

bye !!!!
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todays word is düzenlemek
h cant be more untidy than me...i only exist if theres a mess
kesinlikle doesnt have the same meaning as gercekten...gercekten has more the meaning of reality..what is real and sure.
kesin means certain absolute..kesinlikle with certainty..
hmm not a very good explanation..anybody got any other ideas?

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