todays word is an easy one
todays word is de/da
this is the word de/da not the suffix de/da

heres a nice easy word a diversion for your aching Xmas/New Year head to get around. :51:
its about the stand alone word DE/DA.. which means ..TOO/ALSO /AS WELL AS/AND ALSO
..and is in frequent use...

Here is a bit of (highly imaginative!!) dialogue of how to use it..and this word is never stressed..unlike the suffix de/da which has a slight stress to it.

''Bende para yok..sende var mı?''
on me there is no there any on you?
bende/sende..using the suffix DE.
'Hayır...bende DE yok'
no..on me TOO there is none.
benDE..using the suffix..together with the stand alone word DE
the word DE/DA always follows the word it is referring too.
'Ben DE müzik dinliyorum.'
'İ too am listening to music.'

The suffix DE/DA which you may know by now ..or maybe are still learning about is a case suffix...the one that means ''in/on/at'' when added to nouns...a case suffix shows you the state or condition of a noun.
here's some examples of DE/DA..or sometimes TE/TA for harmony
masa+da ...on the table....
deniz+de the sea my house the its TA because of consonant mutation.

'Dolapta da tuz var'
in the cupboard as well there is salt.

Merry Xmas everybody have a great one..and we will start new 'WORDS' in the NewYear. :52:


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todays word is an easy one
Thanks for all your hard work this year Shirley.

I promise i'll try harder in the New Year.
todays word is an easy one
andy you can sharpen the pencils..and Sparrow as top of the class can clean the board...xxxxx


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todays word is an easy one
Shirleyanntr i just want thankyou for these lessons and for all your hard work. Keep it up pleaseeee. I'm learning already thanks to you..

Cok tesekkur ederim :)
todays word is an easy one a very dull day thats made me feel thanks and keep it up its well worth making the effort..gets easier and more interesting as you go on.

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