todays word is aile
aile means family..and i got this from Akdeniz newspaper...i hope you will enjoy it..and take heed!!
ive divided it into phrases with translation
the headline is
''Aile boyu -ölüme davetiye -çıkarıyorlar.'' :crazy:
whole family -death to invitation- gave out'

Antalya'nın Alanya ilçesi'nde -ailesi tarafından otomobili -kullanılmasına izin verilen 12 yaşındaki çocuk
Antalya's Alanya district in-family it's by car-using with permission -12 years old that is -child.
kullanmak means to use..kullanılma-sı-n-a..his to use
izin verilen..permission given..verİLen is the passive verb form of vermek to give.

Görenleri hayrete düşürdü..those who saw in amazment fell....meaning their jaw dropped.or their mouths fell open

the report goes on to say that inside the car were grandad, parents and small brother...

it gets better...
Direksıyona boyu zor yetişen çocuk
..the steering wheel was hard for a growing child
trafiğin yoğun. olduğu...
the traffic became dense....
yolda araç kullanırken...
road on vehicle using when...
basen mensupları.
.members of the press
durdurarak..when stopping..
bunun yanlış olduğunu
..of the wrong you have become...
anlatmaya çalıştı..they tried to explain.

and here's the best bit :lol: or the worst..
Ancak...çocuğun dedisinin---but the childs grandad (said)
''Ben emekli başçavuşum.Bu yol sakin''
i am a retired sergeant major. this road is quiet''
and the grandson pipes up
''Araç kullanmasını oğretiyorum'..diyerek torunu desteklemesi
''vehicle using it i am learning'' saying grandchild ..supportingly
''şaşkınlığa neden oldu''...''astonishment of why cause.'' :)
why has it caused astonishment...or amazement.
torun is grandchild
and you saw it here first..BAşçavuş a sergeant major!!

hope you've learnt something new!! least how to keep off the Antalya Alanya road


Nadine in disguise
todays word is aile
Incredible story Shirley..... ,I'm sorry I don't have a sergeant major in my family !

But what a difficult Turkish......grrr, I find it very complicated, all those complicated form of verbs.....Off, off...........
I read somewhere that Turkish language is an art...... well, art is not always understood either !

This will keep me going for some time..... but thanks !!!

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