todays word is şans
This morning i watched a talk show where the question was ..
'Arzu hanım eski eşine ikinci bir şans verecek mi ?'
İn spite of how it looks this is an easy sentence to break down and learn from.
Lets start with Arzu hanım
Arzu is a girls means wish..but here its Arzu hanım
Hanım is a polite way to address a woman….it can also mean wife or mistress or ladylike.
Arzu hanım…lady/wife Arzu…hanım
Eski means old …but not terms of a persons age..thats yaşli

Eşine….Eş means husband/wife/ spouse/mate.
Eşin..her husband…ie arzu hanım eş/in possessive suffix
EşinE…to her husband
So far we have got
Arzu hanım eski eşine….arzu hanım to her former husband
İkinci..second..(ikinci el means second hand)
İkinci bir şans..a second chance.
so far we have
Arzu hanım eski eşine ikinci bir şans..and the crunch..
Verecek mi? will she give.
so the sentence means
will Arzu hanım give her former spouse a second chance.?
Vermek means to give...ver/ a 3rd person future tense
verecek mi?..will she give?

Şans also means luck….say it shans and as you can hear it is probably from the english word ‘chance’ only phonetically modified.
Şanslı…shansluh…means .lucky…its an undotted not an EEEE in sight.
Şans/LI..the suffix that means with
İf you said shansleee..chances are you wouldn’t be understood. ..even though its a slight difference…to us!!

You can add pronouns to ŞANS this
şanslıYım..i am lucky….şanslıYız..we are lucky…..the Y is a buffer letter.
şanslısın./.şanslısınız….you are lucky
şanslı..he/she it…is lucky
şanslı/lar..they are lucky.
Şansım..means my chance….şansımız..our chance

Şans/SIZ….unlucky…..the suffix ‘sız’ that means without
Adding the same pronouns onto şanssız makes
şanssız ım…..i am unlucky etc

and the answer to the question..
Arzu hanım eski eşime ikinci bir şans verecek mi?
was a resounding HAYIR..she kicked him into touch...good for her..he as awful


todays word is şans
Easy when you break it down like that Shirley Anne.
Knowing when to use Eski and yaşli ... I often muddle up the two, 'eski adam' always makes my turkish relatives laugh!!

Keep these lessons coming ShirleyAnne, theye are always enjoyable


In my dreams I'm dancing
todays word is şans
Shirley not got around to saying this but have you thought of putting all of this together to form one leaflet/booklet...selling it??? By the way I love the lessons always learning... keep up the great work
todays word is şans
hi lynda..i have been thinking of doing that...i would have to tidy the pages up a bit...but im really enjoying doing this..and its made me get out of bad habits ..specially using slang like know what its like with them from the Hatay...thanks for your comments


Nadine in disguise
todays word is şans
:music: söyle, Arzu'nun eski Eşisi şanssızdım (so the former husband of Arzu had no chance... is this right ?)

çok şanslısız Shirley her gün bizim için bir ders yapıyor .. (we are very lucky Shirley makes a lesson for us every day.........)

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