todays word is çevir
çevir has many means to turn to revolve to spin to annul to turn back and also to translate..all of the definitions that you can see in most dictionaries are relevant and understanding comes from the sentence structure.
here are some ideas for using Çevir can really go to town when saying it..don't be shy about the eee's and the RR...say it as a frenchman or a welshman would.
As its a dotted vowel word with the last vowel being İ..the past tense sign is Dİ...
çevir-Dİ + pronouns..which are always the same too..M-N_K-NİZ_LER
çevirDİm..i turned..i spun..i went back-i revoked.i translated.

here's a straightforward example
'Benim çamaşır makinesi çevirmedi..tamirci bekliyorum'
my washing machine is not turning...i'm waiting for the mechanic.
çamışır means laundry..makine machine..çamaşır makineSİ..laundry machine
say it '..jam ash ur makeenesee'
çevir/ME/Dİ the negative past..3rd person singular.he/she/it which has no pronoun's not turning.
tamir repair ..tamirci..the guy who repairs...the Cİ/CI--ÇI/Çİ-- is a suffix denoting occupation or in see it everywhere.
bekliyorum..i am waiting ..1st person present tense of beklemek to wait.

another example with a different usage..and a verbal noun
Arkadaşımdan mektubu geldi..ama bazı kelime anlamadım ..o çevirmesi lazım
my friend from a letter came. but some words i didn't understand ..translating needs'
arkadaş friend..arkadaşIM my friend..arkadaşımDAN ..from my friend.
mektup is a its a certain letter so has to take the suffix for that
mektup-U..but unvoiced P has to soften to voiced B when followed by a vowel.
hence mektubU..which can also take other suffixes too..mektubum my letter etc.
bazı..means some..don't confuse it with bazen which means sometimes
kelime word kelimeler words
anla-MA-DI-M the 1st person negative past tense of anla/mak to understand
çevir-me.. translating..add possessive for its translating
..but you can't leave it at that..there needs to be a follow on word
çevirmesi lazı needs translating.
çevirme can take all case endings and pronouns..just like any noun.

here's another example on the same theme..and nice and short.
'Çevirdiğim mektubu yeğenimden geldi'
the letter which i am translating is from my niece'
the letter which i am translating'
yeğen say it yeyghen..means niece or nephew
yeğenim my niece..
yeğenimden from my niece.
geldi came

And here's an example of giving want to tell someone how to get to your house..ive split the sentence up into bits so you can see how the parts are made up.
'Metro'dan sonra- büyük kavşağı var,-ora sağ çevir -ve iki yüz metre ileri -solda,- bizim eve bulacaksın'
'after Metro -there's a big junction,- there turn right -and 200 metres ahead-on the left -you will find our house'
sağ çevir ..turn right sağ yap is also used for saying turn right
sağda on the right sağdan from the right
çevirmen means translator and çeviri translation
the other words used when talking about translating are
tercüme..translation and tercüm etmek to translate
both çevir and tercüme are used equally.
çevirmen and tercüman mean translators.


Nadine in disguise
todays word is çevir
Thanks Shirley,
A lovely one as usual, strange how one word can have so many meanings, it sure doesn't make things simple for us poor pupils...
I knew çevirmek in the sence of translating, because I do have those CD's and at the end of one lesson, they always say "çeviriniz" and then you have to try to understand the sentences

I must look into this later (bit too tired right now), but just one question already (yeah, that's me...)
You use kelime for word, does that have the same usage as söz ?

ögrencin Sparrow
todays word is çevir
kelime is used most often to talk about individual words..söz has many meanings apart from word..its used a lot to say i promise..i give you my word etc...but kelime is used in a grammatical sense.

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