todays word is çekmek
todays words are çekmek ..and also i'm adding çıkmak

çekmek has many meanings but the most used one means to pull.
it also means to draw,to hurt ,to film to take a picture and its meaning can be extended by using it in conjunction with other words.
çıkmak means to go out..and strangely enough it is also used to talk about flirting...or as we would say 'going out with someone'
im using them together mainly to show vowel harmony differences between two words that look similar...these are good words to compare(karşılaş).
çekmek is a dotted vowel harmony words and çıkmak undotted.
they are also easy to say

here are some past tense examples
çek-ti-m..i pulled...çek-ti-k we pulled
'ç pulled ç plural pulled
''çek-ti he pulled...çek-ti-ler..they pulled
'''Bankaya gittim,parayi çektim, çıktım
'i went to the bank, drew out money and left'
'bankaya gittim parayi çekip,çıktım'
çek+ip +çık is just a short way to say the same thing.
the İP on the first vowel acts more or less like 'and' and can be used when two vowels have the same tense and pronouns to shorten the sentence.

here is how you use çekmek with the meaning of being hurt
'Jack'dan -ayrıldım,-o kalbım- acı çekti'
jack from- i parted-he my heart-bitterly hurt'
kalp means say my heart its kal-b-ım..the P must soften to B when suffixed by a vowel
kalp heart..kalbım my heart
'Ayşe- ayrıdıkten sonra- kalbım çok çekti'
Ayşe- parted from later-my heart much pulled(suffered)
the equivalent in english wopud be to say 'pulled your heart strings.'

here's how to use çıkmak with the meaning of going out with turkish its like saying you flirted with someone...and filört in Turkish has a much stronger meaning than flirt in english...use the word with more conservative areas!
'kız arkadaşla çıktım'
i went out with my girlfriend'
'Tracey çıkıyor musun?
are you going out with Tracey?

çıkmak is declined in the same way as çekmek..just watch out for the vowel harmony
present tense
çekiyor+um/sun/uz/sunuz/lar..i am pulling/towing/drawing/dragging etc
çıkıyor+um/sun/uz/sunuz/lar..i am going out etc

future tense..the tense sign is ecek
çek-eceğ-im ...i /we will pull...çek-eceğ-iz..
ç will pull ..çek-ecek-siniz you will pull plural
çekecek..he/she /it will pull
çek-ecek-ler..they will pull. (draw /film etc)
'Yeni bir foto makinesi aldım...yarın çok resimleri çekeceğim'
new a camera i bought..tomorrow many pictures i will take'

and for çıkmak its the same only with not dots
çık-ı tense...i am going out etc.
the future tense sign is acak
çık-acağ-ım..çık-acağ-ız....i/we.. will go out
çık-acak-sın..çık-acak-sını plural will go out
çık-acak he/she/it will go out..çık-acak-lar.they will go out

'Yeni bir foto makinesi aldım...yarın çok resimleri çekeceğim'
new a camera i bought..tomorrow many pictures i will take'

well that's it folks..and as usual i hope you find it useful


Nadine in disguise
todays word is çekmek
:lol: Hi Thanks Shirley,
very usefull as usual, and as usual a mixture of known and unknown things, that' is what I like most, and that is the best way for me to remember things
like I know acı means sad (like in : acı bir haber.... sad new) but I never heard of acı çekmek... or çekmek in the way of being hurt,
what a nice way to say : kalbım çok çekti..... ahh (we do not have any equivalent to that in Dutch)

I remember çekmek very well, two year ago I was in Egypt (Cruise on the Nile, great...),and when walking through one of those temples, I suddeny heard somebody say " bana bir fotoğraf çek" (take a picture of me), I suddenly realised there where Turks overthere, even better : they were on the same boat as I am, they were a bunch of young German Turks, mostly males, and ohh was I happy to find Turks in Egypt ! We had quiete some good times together as well...... So I will never forget that sentence

How are things at home ? Eviniz Yusufler dolu mu ???? Oh, ist that a dream or a nightmare ? :lol:

Söyle, simdi çikiyorum.... görüşürüz

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