Today's grand prix - Good old Lewis !
Can anybody tell which channel I can whatch today's race on Thanks


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Today's grand prix - Good old Lewis !
Great race,shame Rosburg retired,it would have been great to see Lewis stuff him.Can't believe Silverstone mending a bent barrier.Waste of a hour,flamin jodsworths.To top it all we had a power cut just after Lewis crossed the line and the program was finished when it can back on,Damn Turkish Electric.


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Today's grand prix - Good old Lewis !
Fab win Lewis , great drive by Bottas , Daniel keeps the eclipse running , hope Kimi is ok , Felipe was lucky , good dogged drive by Jenson.

What a great race.



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Today's grand prix - Good old Lewis !
What an eventful race and impressive result!
Great result for Hamilton from a misjudged Quali starting from 6th to 1st is impressive, even better was Bottas from 17th to 2nd! Would have been lovely to see Jenson on the podium still a cool calm Button did well with 4th.

I missed the start so much sport (Wimbledon final etc) on this weekend couldn't decide what to watch!

Going to watch the replay (missed the start and crash) .

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