today is Mothers Day in Turkey
Mothers Day is today in Turkey.
As a mother ive just been treated to a special lunch of an old Osmanlı/Ottoman dish called Testi Kebab..actually its a specialty of Yozgat an old town near Ankara.
its a mix of veg and meat without added liquid, which is sealed inside a clay urn type vessel with a little chimney and its put in the centre of a hot fire. When the chimney lets out steam they know the cooking has finished, and the urn is then cracked open and the contents scooped out
İt was delicious.

And back to Mothers Day those of you living in Turkey with Turkish TV cant have failed to notice the amount of adverts for Mothers Day pressies..the most hyped one being a dishwahser !
today is Mothers Day in Turkey
Happy Mothers Day to all moms on the forum!

My granma used to say that Mother is saint existing and will never say anything wrong to her kid/s when we were teens and sometimes wanted to prove that we are grown up enough. Now I am in the same position with my mom... :roundgrinAnd my kids will feel the same in their turn when time comes... :3:


today is Mothers Day in Turkey
happy mothers day ladies....
and to you men out there.....treat your ladies to a special day..she will surely appreciate it.


today is Mothers Day in Turkey
:roundgrinMy son called me from Sierra Leone this afternoon to wish me
happy mothers day apparently his American friend had reminded him
so is it Mothers day in Amerca to Pebble?. Didnt have the heart to
tell him it was in March here in The Uk
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