To move or not to move....?
Hi everyone,

My name is Laura and my partner and I along with our 2 children (7&3) are considering moving to Kusadasi.
my questions really are: is there full time work available for brits and are there any schools for the kids??
I lived in Turkey many years ago and can speak very basic Turkish, obviously though it's a different ball game with a family in tow!!!
Your input would be very much appreciated - Thanks in advance xxxxxx


To move or not to move....?
Hi Loobyloo,

Welcome to the forum.

Try using the search facility button as there are many threads on the topics you are interested in.


To move or not to move....?
you have virtually no chance of working legally as a work permit is required and they are very difficult to come by


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To move or not to move....?
The short answer is, unfortunately, Forget It.


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To move or not to move....?
You can start your own business though......extremely difficult to do and even more difficult to manage

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To move or not to move....?
(Oh how I wish I had 50 kurus for every time that question has been asked!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Welcome to the forum Laura. I know that you will find the answer to all your questions about Turkey somewhere on this forum. If you can't find the answer you need, then someone will be along soon who will be able to help you.
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To move or not to move....?
Thanks guys,
I see the great Turkish legal system is on top form as ever - lol
it's over 10 years since I lived in Izmir but I have the strongest of urges to get back to Turkey, not easy now with a family but who knows.....


To move or not to move....?
Hi I live in Kusadasi and do have some of the info you are asking. Job situation forget it its a none starter here even the European Turks run into probs. PM me for contact no then mayby I can help.


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To move or not to move....?
Hi Loobylo
Welcome to the forum, maybe the best option is to try to get a job as a holiday rep, employed by a British company like Thomas Cook ?
I do know friends who are doing that, but they don't have children......


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To move or not to move....?
Hi Loobyloo and welcome,

Sparrow has given a good suggestion but bear in mind you have to apply to the travel companies back in Britain as they expect to interview you there..you can't apply within the overseas resorts..i know as i enquired about this before i came to live in Turkey.

Also keep in mind that travel companies can locate you anywhere in the world at their request but i was advised that in the interview stage, state where you live and this may sway where they place you.

I believe the only option that you can enquire in resort are the airport runs but i know Thomas Cook requires you to have a work permit and they don't apply on your behalf.

Im sure someone will come along on here and correct me if in fact my info is wrong.

You can submit an online application for Thomas Cook..just go to their homepage and follow the careers option.

I'll repeat what everyone else has said on here...its almost impossible to work in Turkey (you need that all elusive work permit)..consider very carefully about coming over here to live full time if you are going to depend on work and a salary..


To move or not to move....?
Thanks for the welcome!
I've thought about working for the travel companies but my only holdback is the stability for the kids. I know not to rush this but I can't seem to settle in the UK, I'm sure it'll all work out in the end - hopefully!
Like you all say, the main issue is the work permit, wouldn't have been a problem years ago but have lost touch with alot of people. Will keep you all posted if anything develops x


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To move or not to move....?
Hello Laura.
Welcome to the Forum.
If you are alone with to kids 3 and 7 you should not move to Turkey.


To move or not to move....?
Not the answer you will want, but.... Unless you can afford to live there without having to work then forget it. There are too many issues, working hours/work permits/schooling/rates of pay.


To move or not to move....?
Hi Laura,
I don't live in Turkey; just have a house there, however from an outsiders point of view here are some things that I considered.

It would seem very difficult to be able to get work there, if you were lucky enough to get a job of some description, the pay would probably contrast badly to pay for similar in the UK, so it kind of seems odd to leave here for a job with
less money and less prospects than you have now, the cost of living is cheaper but would you want to merely survive rather than thrive?

After a lot of soul searching I decided that I would want to live rather than just get by, the minus points without steady money (i.e. A pension, or large investment) unfortunately seem to outweigh the pluses, although if you are like me it's certainly not what you would want to hear, having said that then if you do have some kind of investment to see you through then why not go for it; you only live once!!

Hope that is of some help to you.


To move or not to move....?
I've kind of come to that conclusion myself now Jaimie - after much dilliberation!!! But like you said to thrieve or survive is probably a very good point with having a young family. I've spent so long on this issue that the only way i can settle my restlessness for now is looking at buying a property for holidays, I'm absolutly driving my other half bonkers with this.....but what woman doesn't drive the other half mad - LOL xxx

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