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To make someone happy
We all feel sad from time to time and we need someone their to boost our spirits.But it is to go about it in the ight way that will either make the person recover from sadness or sink even further into depression.
Here are the basic steps to take that l have copied from Wikihow website.
1/Listen to them. Do you know why they're sad? In all fields of life, knowing just what you're up against makes your entire job easier. So pull up a chair, and give them a shoulder to cry on.

2/Never interrupt them in the middle of their story. Unless there is a pause that tells you commentary is okay, restrict your side comments to "Oh"s and "Man"s. Otherwise, you'll come off to them as a very rude person, and make them feel even worse.

3/After listening, give them advice. After figuring out just what the problem is, take a little bit of time to deliberate over what their best course of action is. Then, tell them. You should be honest to them, too. The worst thing you can do to someone in such a fragile state is lie.

4/Give a gift. Can you remember a time when someone gave you a gift without an obligation to do so? How warm & fuzzy did you feel inside when it happened? Giving a gift to someone can brighten their whole day. However, don't overdo it.

5/Take their mind off it. Now that you've listened, offered advice and extended a hand of kindness, try to make sure they don't let their problem/s weigh them down or depress them. Do NOT say something like "Anyway, blah blah" or "Get over it, it's not that bad" because that undoes everything you've just worked for. Instead, give them some time to get their bearings, and then try saying something like "Don't let it drag you down," and see how they respond to it. Assess the severity of their situation and then go from there.

6/Try to make them smile. Try to make light of their situation - not essentially by being silly or reckless. Instead, make them smile by reminding them how much you care about them, or crack a light joke that will make things seem lighter.
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To make someone happy
Bob just reading your posts make me happy.

They are usually either informative,constructive,or downright funny.

You certainly help brighten my day.!!!
Hugs Maggie xxx

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