To all - our experience..
Hi everyone, both Wayne and I don't come on the forum much but have recently had a look at everyone’s comments. We went out in June. All I would like to say in short is that Wayne was amazed with how things had developed. We must realise Turkey is also suffering a recession and we really think Ufuk has done an amazing job up to press. As we arrived on the Monday, Utku showed us around our apartment looking for any snagging. I mentioned it on the Thursday as to when he could possibly get it done. By Friday it was completed. Personally we found him very efficient. The problems have been almost none existent, I am not saying there won't be any, but we have been happy with everything really. That is our experience.

Wayne is going out in 5th September to sort Tapu etc out.

Wayne and Lesley

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
To all - our experience..
It really is good to read a positive post, glad everything is coming to-gether for you both Wayne and another Lesley, there's quite a few of us on TLF now, lol. It's a traumatic time when it's almost ready and you go out to do the snagging, all sorts of horrors go through your head as you've parted with your hard earned cash. Lovely post. Hope you enjoy your many happy years there.



To all - our experience..
Re: our experience..

Hi all

Just back and wanted to let everyone know what a wonderfull relaxing week we had staying in our apartment for the first time. We had no major problems only minor ones and these were sorted out within a matter of hours (including ones we didnt say anything about) lol. We had Zeus pool all to ourselves all week as site was very quiet, We had a couple of meals down by the larger pool and must say they were very nice and Kannan was more than friendly just hope all goes well for him as he is putting lots of hours and effort into making peoples holiday a happy one.
The only thing I have to say is it seemed like the Ufuk brothers and their family seemed to be using the larger pool as their own private pool and took it over a few times while we were there this is fine while it was quiet but hope it does not carry on when more people arrive.

All in all we had a great time and I am back again in 3 weeks. (cannot wait)

Jane and Gary


To all - our experience..
Hi jane and Gary
Funnily enough it is not the first time I have heard the comment about the ufuk family taking over the Apollon pool and bar.
There are quite a few of us out there in a few weeks so he will have a run for his money! Have to get our towels on the sunbeds first!! Or send him up to your pool!
Glad you had a good time. We are out in 5 weeks so might just miss you - let's hope not.


To all - our experience..
Good point! While I was there in June/July A guy claiming to be Ufuk's brother kind of 'hit' on me when I went down to Apollon pool alone. I heard later that he was being a bit of a pest to other women too. Anyone else come across this?



To all - our experience..
It appears the ufuk family are determined to squeeze everything out of hillsiders. They strike a very hard bargain!! Beware......

Lynne I find your story amusing.

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