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Yahay the snow has gone :) .. And the mornings are getting lighter (if only by a minute per day) so I want to start planning my garden.

First problem is the once brown but now green waneylap fencing. Can anyone suggest a labour friendly way to clean them before re applying the fresh protector? I was thinking something like Jeyes fluid??

The only other question is the more tricky one. We'd like to remove the back lawn. Yes I love looking out to my green lawn, but the simple fact is that the children need space to play so it does'nt remain a nice green lawn for very long, so it may as well be replaced with something more practical.

I dont want to just flag it because the garden would look like a drive then, so has anyone any suggestions?

Here's to summer days! :)


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Yep, a powerwasher with Jeyes Fluid in the soap dispenser will do the trick.

How about a compromise..............flag it with green slabs! :hmm:


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Don't know how big the lawn is , you could do it with fancy slabs that look nothing like a Drive , or a circle of them with grass all around , Even fake grass but thats really expensive ,,, I saw one the other day a circle of slabs with a bird table in the centre the rest was all green stone / chippings ..low maintenence and it loooked the bee's knee's .Diane
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yes , I was going to suggest a more hard wearing grass, we did this last year and it is much thicker and doesn;t damage as much when the grandkid is out playing footie. We have gravel around our patio area, not a good idea as always sweeping it back , its like a magnet for the dog and the kids who obviously think they are on the beach !!

let us know what you decide , always interested in new ideas.

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