three weeks to go
hi all

myself and hubby are arriving in Antalya 21st June, is anyone around to meet with ? we are there on a furniture buying mision for our villa but it would be nice to meet peeps while we are there, we are hiring a car :car: but this is only our second visit, first visit was to buy the villa and this visit is to furnish it

cannot wait woohoo



three weeks to go
Hi shirl. good luck with your buying trip. Mag and I were knackered after we sorted out our stuff. We only had a week. It seemed like we hadn't had a hol. Pace yourselves !! Pete


three weeks to go
Whilst we are not there - welcome! We did the same thing, bought this year and plan to go out and shop to furnish sometime in October, good luck in June, would be great to get your feed back.......................all very new to us too!

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