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This Year's Funniest Joke ?
Ahhh, so true, lol. We have a Harry Hedgehog, he hogs his place behind our shed, seen him quite a few times this week.


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This Year's Funniest Joke ?
ls that it,"that was the joke".

What made me laugh years ago about 2 hedgehogs wanting to cross the road, and one said it is a piece of cake if you know what to do, without getting run over.The first hedgehog demonstrated to the second hedgehog by crossing the road and a car came towards him.
The hedgehog that stood in the middle of the road said relax,it is not a problem,because all you have to do is stay in the middle of the road and the car will pass over you without being hit.
As the second hedgehog put his paws to his eyes while the car approached,because he couldn't bare to see his little friend embedded in the tarmac.And then afterwards took them away from his face to see his mate splattered on the road.
He scuttled towards his splattered friend and said,Gee mate!,you look a little flat,what happened."lt's those dam Robin Reliant cars you have to watch out for
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