Think you're a computer expert?
Not even going to try. Unless you have freshly done some exams you're not going to know a lot of that. I did my Cisco & MCSE 10 years ago purely for the accreditation. Probably 98% of it I haven't used since. For instance RDP port being blocked by a firewall wouldn't happen on most corporate pcs because firewalls are turned off. I used RDP rarely as I mainly have connected via the internet to clients.
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Think you're a computer expert?
Having been out of working in an IT environment for 2.5 years, I daren't even go there. I'm happy now so long as my own home PC is well protected and I can connect and back up regularly, also do the usual disk frag/clean up regularly. Just usual computer home maintenance, moreso since my hard drive had a wobble 3 months ago, thankfully all data was retrieved.
Think you're a computer expert?
Tough quiz ... they should have included "turn it off and on again" though as an option for each question - that's seems to be the most common advice i've ever been given ...

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