Things to do around Dalyan
Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I probably cant see it for looking :/

I was wondering if anyone can give us some ideas of things we can do on our day off. We seem to have hit a wall with the usual stuff (beach, pool, Yavulakcay..) so wondered if we could get some fresh ideas here :D

Any of you have any less advertised suggestions? We have done the beach, Sarigerme beach, boat trips, day out in Marmaris, waterfalls, Yuvurlakcay...even tried a picnic up in the mountains off Iztuzu beach road but it was ROASTING :36:
We have a car so happy to drive. Think we are getting stuck because we are trying too hard to think of something to do! And we have done the 'usual' touristy things to death (family just been over so still feel like I have sea legs after many boat trips!)

Can you drive round to Kaunos ruins? Or is it only accessible by the little row boat?

Thanks muchly in advance!


Things to do around Dalyan
Its evey day, you pick your fish, all kinds, from the stalls in the middle and the restaurants that form the courtyard of the market cook it for you. Last time we paid 35tl for a large sea bass for two, haggled down from 40, then cooked at Can and Cem's restaurant with fresh chips, mezes, and a beer and a glass of wine came to a further 40tl. It was brilliant, if any of your party don't like fish they will cook meat from the butcher next door which you choose and purchase separately. There are lots of restaurants that do this in the courtyard, but we like Cam and Cem's the best.
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