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There's No Hope For Us Now
McDonald's has announced plans to create 5,000 new British jobs after a "record-breaking" year in the UK.




There's No Hope For Us Now
To be fair to McDonalds, they do provide employment to people who for what ever reason, might struggle to get jobs elsewhere.


There's No Hope For Us Now
I feel it's a snobish thing to have a go at Mcdonalds.There are those who ridicule Mcdonalds and then get out a recipe book,or the one that gets me "can I have the recipe for that", and cook a pile of crap at the same time being quite proud of their creation,as if they had just given birth to it.
I used to enjoy a big Mac haven't indulged recently due to self control after all it's not the healthiest of options and the healthy options aren't the as good.


There's No Hope For Us Now
It can be tough for some kids for various reasons to get other jobs and I think its a credit to many of them that they take less glamourous jobs like Mc Ds rather than sponge on the dole


There's No Hope For Us Now
I actually have the film supersize me, it's quite scary when you think how badly your health can suffer if you eat too much of the stuff, but I also think the dangers are a bit exaggerated; everything in moderation.

However, hubby has a food allergy, and we haven't successfully pinpointed the cause. If he eats mccdonalds he ends up in hospital *recently happened at pizza hut in the UK too , though doesn't happen at the pizza hut in Izmir*
We're leaning towards a colouring in the cheese.


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