I Love Kleopatra Beach !
The women of Çomakdağ
Thanks kkob it looks wonderful . I simply have to visit next time i.m over .


The women of Çomakdağ
KKOB, you find the mot amazing stories. I had actually been to a couple of those village, just didnt know the full history. thank you.
I will have to make a return trip and appreciate it's culture.

thanks again for the lovely article


Going to get Thinner
The women of Çomakdağ
That was a great insight to other places that you just don't know about. What do the majority of people do when they go on holiday? Lie on the beach all day getting burnt, go out at night for a few drinks, same again the next day and for the rest of the hols i suppose. Yeh, i am guilty of that but having read that , it makes you want to get up off your a*** and go and see these places.



The women of Çomakdağ
What a fabulous post.. I can't wait to visit... My list gets longer and longer, but this must be one of my top 3....

Thanks so much


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