The Turkish lottery - how to play?
Despite the infinitessimal chance, I would like to start taking a weekly punt at the lottery here in Turkey. I have no idea how to do it (other than obviously buying a ticket from the lottery ticket seller in the street), how to find out the winning numbers - are they published online? - and whether there are secondary prizes - smaller ones - apart from the jackpot.
Can anyone help please?


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The Turkish lottery - how to play?
The Turkish National Lottery / Millipiyango website at MilliPiyango gives all the information you need, in Turkish of course.

Results are published in Turkish newspapers too.
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The Turkish lottery - how to play?
:( My Turkish is very limited! Whereabouts on the site do they give the winning numbers?

Ah ok, I see....on the left hand side and there seem to be several draws...
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The Turkish lottery - how to play?
All we do is go to a shop with a lottery machine ask for 5 lire lucky dips for saturday.then on sunday go back to the shop and get a print out off the winning numbers, you can pick your own numbers if you want like the uk ...


The Turkish lottery - how to play?
I always do Super Loto (Wednesday) and Saysal on Saturday and I can check on-line like KKOB says.I just go into the shop and ask for both automatic and the print out the sheet from the till.full sheets are 4.50 Super and 6tl Saysal
The Turkish lottery - how to play?
Thanks everyone! Outraze - what is a 'full sheet?' 4.50 and 6 tl seem dearer than the UK where the last time I remember it was a quid for a punt.
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