The the Future of Federalism?
I'm still trying to get my head around this news :eek: The 'State - New Jersey' has taken all powers away from the Elected Representatives of Atlantic City?

"The state took over Atlantic City on Wednesday and gave a state official broad power over the resort’s dire finances.

The state Local Finance Board voted 5-0 to take over the city’s major decision-making powers and grant them to Local Government Services Director Timothy Cunningham. Cunningham now has the authority to sell city assets, hire or fire workers and break union contracts, among other powers, for up to five years."

State board approves Atlantic City takeover | News | pressofatlanticcity.com

"New Jersey has formally taken over Atlantic City, the indebted gambling town where President-elect Donald Trump left a legacy of troubled casinos.

The move threatens to lead to privatization of the city’s water, the undoing of local collective bargaining agreements and public worker layoffs in the city of 39,000."

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