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The road beyond Letoonia
I've noticed that someone revived the "Places to see" thread recently.

I you drive out of Fethiye past Karagozler and then continue around the headland past Letoonia you'll find that the road has been vastly improved now.

The road is now wide enough for 2 vehicles to pass easily, and has been tarred and gravelled. There are several lay-bys on which to stop to admire the view and also several small beaches and coves with picnic facilities. A couple of beaches have been rented out by the council and for a couple of TL you can enter the area and use the toilet, restaurant/cafe as well as swim in the calm waters.

If you stay on the road you'll eventually come to a cross-roads. To the right is the entrance to Hillside Beach Club. Ahead, the forest road to the Kaya Valley. Turning left takes you down, through several hair-pin bends, back to Karagozler with some great views of the work being down in the boatyards and across Fethiye Bay.

The circuit, starting and finishing at The Mediteran Hotel at Karagozler is approximately 11 kms and the road rises from sea-level to around 300 - 350 feet and returns to sea-level several times. I wouldn't recommend walking this route as it's all gravelled and can become uncomfortable. It's certainly worth a drive though.
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The road beyond Letoonia
Your right Alan this area is well worth a visit...the beaches and coves are lovely...the road is a good road now, easy to drive along, but like you say not good to walk along.

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