The RNLI....brave lads.
The more and more I find out about so called charitable organisations and how most of the money never gets to the people it was intended to help, I have slowly stopped giving to them as I refuse to contribute to inflated salaries and bonuses of those at the top.
I have now decided any charitable money I donate will go to the RNLI. Most of these people are volunteers and have no hesitation in going out in very dangerous weather to help others.
Looking at some of the clips they seem to put health and safety to the side as they are often jumping into the sea when necessary when us landlubbers are heading indoors to escape it. How often have we heard about the police and even the fire service not helping on the grounds of health and safety.

The volunteers are brave guys indeed.

This one I thought rather good poor dog.

Tenby lifeboat crew rescue dog after cliff fall - YouTube

In this one which was recent, look how rough the seas are and how close they are in danger of going aground, unfortunately they never found the lad.

Newhaven lifeboat search for teenager washed into sea in rough weather - YouTube

Difficult beach launch...

RNLI lifeboat launch in rough sea - YouTube

This one flips over...

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlLmJEpanKQ]lifeboat does backflip in storm surf - YouTube[/ame]

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