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The parasites Protection Society
I have decided to set up a pressure group known as the protection for the mossies society.ln short MPS.
Here at the MPS head quarters are very compassionate people concerned about the increasing numbers of cruelty deliberately inflicted on the poor little blood sucking parasites that is just doing what comes naturally to them,sucking the life out of people is a way of life for them.Protecting the blood sucker has been difficult,due to the laws allows the freedom of the parasite to do what it likes.
Our goal here at the MPS headquarters is to cleverly manipulate[sorry,l mean educate] the minds of the public about how to protect these parasites from being beaten to a pulp.Sadly there is a growing number of people that are fed up with these parasites that buzz there own personal space to rob them of their blood while they sleep.
Here are the many ways in helping to protect the bloodsucker
1/Always allow them to come and feed of you,because this will help in producing more of them
2/Always avoid using commonsense as this will send them in a state of total confusion if you did.Where they will deteriorate into a puff of smoke
3/Place many tax ideas to the blood suckers source for them to feed off
4/Always keep your windows and doors open for the intrusive parasite to survey your processions
5/Educate yourself into knowing how to resuscitate a parasite,you will be greatly rewarded with the life sucked out of you.
6/Always deter the policies that will defeat the parasites from it’s source
7/Never say a bad thing about the parasite as this will inflict emotional harm
7/Always wear clothing advertising a slogan.l am a tax evader
8/Eliminate the one’s with commonsense.The bloodsucker will greatly appreciate this,since this is one of the main product that inflicts a lot of damage to their way of life
9/dupe your children into thinking how to live with the parasite in peace.
10/Once the world is swamped with these parasites,due to your kind help.The parasite will be in a good position to exploit the life out of you with the freedom knowing they can go onto the next one.
So please send your kind donations to bobthenob’s MPS Headquarters contaminated sources of parliament zzzz..vermin.ouch.
All the donations will go straight to the source.
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The parasites Protection Society
Oh my God!!!!! Bob has really lost the plot this time.Call the men with the straightjackets.


The parasites Protection Society
And I thought that this thread was going to be about Mp's and there expense allowance.



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The parasites Protection Society
l read in the papers this morning about how the parasites have been feeding off the taxpayer. l suppose it had to finally happen,by finding a way in exsposing this type of fericous blood sucker on how they feed from their victims.

This will destroy the political bloodsucker now,leaving them in a state of confusion,where they have no ammo left to protect themselves from the wrath of their victims that is now to come.

The only plan they came up with was to blame everyone else except themselves.l have sent an e-mail to the parasites source to hold firm from the wrath you will now be confronted with from the public.And not to show any signs of panic,as this will be seen as a sign of guilt from your victims.

The political bloodsuckers rights have been violated and should be taken to the E.U human rights courts to seek an injunction against any other form of exsposure,before they are totally wiped out.
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