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The Ova Resort All-Inclusive hotel
Has anyone been there, stayed there? What is it like? All information grateully received. Thanks.
The Ova Resort All-Inclusive hotel
If you have kids,are not too fussy about the accomodation,like to drink a lot and will eat most things then it's a cheap holiday. We went there a few years ago and hated it so much that we booked in to another hotel. The food was the same every night,booze was watered down,the evening entertainment was rubbish and too loud. Loads of screaming kids whose parents didn't seem to notice them and a plate of food left under a sun bed by the pool that was still there a week later.The rooms were small,basic,hard beds and pillows,bathroom that you cant moove in,poor fitting doors and windows for the mozzies to get through. In all I wouldn't recommend it.


The Ova Resort All-Inclusive hotel
we went there last may for a week had a great time food was different each day i suppose if you stay for a fortnight it will repeat it self we could not fault the hotel and wished we had booked a fortnight but as we already had a holiday booked for later in the year in gumbet as for the drink been watered down i would hate to see the state of some people who had been drinking al day long

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