I Love Kleopatra Beach !
The Magic Carpets
I've put this in History because some carpets go back to the 16th century ...Even though i was in this buisness over 40yrs i still have to look at them , And i think how many hours of work went into them . With several members of the family making 1 carpet , Even the Children , Some carpets tell a storey , They will allways fasinate me , So if anyones thinking of buying one here's some good information , ...The most expensive is Silk on Silk and a small rug can cost several thousands , But wool on Cotton is the norm ..I'm typing this with my feet snuggled on a lovely navy blue one ....But they are for the long term not todays throw away society ......Diane ...also see Afghanistan carpets ~~~~~

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Turkish carpets - Styles & origin - Carpet Encyclopedia
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